Hammer of the Last Two


Hammer of the Last 2 (real name Edward Nana Poku Osei) is a record producer from Accra, Ghana. He is one of the influential figures in the growth of hip-life music in the country. He spent most of his teenage years in the U.S. He is said to have encouraged Sarkodie’s tongue twisting rap delivery. He joined the music production industry when a friend encouraged who spotted his ability encouraged him to become a full-time and professional producer.

Together they formed a company called The Last 2. When his friend left for the U.S., Hammer left abandoned the name and continued with music production.

Prior to Hammer’s entry into the scene, most hip-life records were in Ghana’s Akan language. He changed that by helping Tinny, who works in the Ga language, become highest selling Ga rapper. He did it again in Fante, with Kwaw Kese and in Ewe with Ayigbe Edem.

GHAccra, Ghana


Last Two Music Group
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