Guu Tjilenje Cultural Festival


Guu Tjilenje Cultural Festival is an event held in Botswana’s northeastern regional town of Nlapkhwane. It is held every year in May. Totally traditional, the event involves ancient games, dances, music and stalls crammed with local food and drink. The cultural festival attracts many people, especially the Bakalanga people, mostly from villages in the vicinity of Tutume such as Senete, Nkange and Marobela. The event is marked by song, dance and poems of the Bakalanga tribe.

Similar to the Domboshaba Festival, the Guu Tjilenje cultural festival was formed in 2010 by the Bakalanga, found in the Central District, to try and resuscitate their culture and arts as a way of preserving their heritage for the existing and coming generations.



Guu Tjilenje Cultural Festival
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