Fulu Miziki Kolektiv


Fulu Miziki Kolektiv is an eco-friendly Afrofuturistic punk collective of artists that comes straight from a future where humans have reconciled with Mother Earth and with themselves.

This multidisciplinary ensemble of artists is based in the heart Africa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital Kinshasa. For several years now, its members have spent time conceptualising an orchestra made from objects found in the trash, constantly changing instruments and always in search of new sounds.

Making their own instruments, performance costumes and masks is essential to the approach of Fulu Miziki Kolektiv’s musical core ideology. Their unique sound supports a pan-African message of artistic liberation, peace and a severe look at the ecological situation of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the whole world. For Fulu, everything can be recovered and re-enchanted.


Track artwork
Fulu Miziki
Julio Sezar
Track artwork
Fulu Miziki
Dj Buzoba
Track artwork
Fulu Miziki
Track artwork
Fulu Miziki
Bondowe Dj Fulu
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Fulu Miziki
Wewa Dj Fulu
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Fulu Miziki
Robo Fulu


Fulu Miziki Pieteron YouTube Visualiser
Pasi na bisengo official video
Fulu Miziki promotion video
Fulu Miziki Masks and Danse workshop
Kinshasa's Warrio music Jamming with the people at Le Bon Air Festival in Marseille 2022
Pieteron the mighty song tour 2021
Pasi na bisengo tour 2021
A glimpse of our 2021 tour of Tikanga song
Sekelembele Special Mix with his original Production
Beta Ndule ft Dj Final, Deboul
Fulu Miziki Pohoda 2021
Fulu Miziki live at Rio loco Festival 2021
Pasi na Bisengo, Pohoda festival 2020
Bivada ft Sekelembele
Fulu Miziki Music Warrior
Ok Seke Bien ft Sekelembele Official Video
Fulu Miziki --- Warrior Music ---Jesus Walk Kanye West Cover song
Jam Session Warrior Music
Fulu Miziki -- Mood --- warrior music
Fulu Miziki -- Inside The Drum --- Warrior music
Fulu Miziki --- Mbunda --- Warrior Music
Fulu Miziki --- In Your Mind --- Warrior Music
Fulu Miziki -- Costumes --- Music Warrior
Fulu Miziki -- Tuyende --- Warrior Music
Fulu Miziki --- Chilling at home --- Warrior Music
Fulu Miziki -- Unpacking bags --- Warrior Music
Fulu Miziki -- Quarantine time with Warrior music
Fulu Miziki --- Kinshasa Music Warriors
Fulu Miziki Music Warrior
Tikanga - - - Fulu Miziki Kinshasa Music Warriors
Fulu Miziki kinshasa's music warriors
Fulu Miziki Kinshasa's music warriors


CDCongo (Kinshasa)
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