Flavour- real name Chinedu Okoli, was born on November 23 1983 at Enugu in Nigeria but originally from Umunze in Anambra State, Nigeria.

He began his musical career at the age of 13, playing drums for his church. His pastor introduced him to Chris I Ordor the CEO of Soundcity Records, after 3 years he began playing professionally. In 1999 he moved on to keyboards and provided session backing vocals for other musician in the Soundcity stable.

In 2008 Flavour released his debut album"N'abania" through Obaino Music, which propelled him into stardom and a string of hits followed, especially the cover hit "Sawale", "Adanma" and others.

He and others like Mc Loph Wiz Boy etc were at the forefront a a neo-Highlife revolution, experimenting with old Highlife themes but set to a more modern instrumental background and vocal influence. In 2011, he signed an international record deal which cemented his reputation as a truly global star.


Track artwork
Flavour Nabania
Ashawo Ghana
Track artwork
Flavour Nabania
I Don Smoke Igbo


Flavour - Chinny Baby (Live Performance)
Flavour - Sexy Rosey (Live Performance)
Flavour - Baby Oku (Live Performance)
Flavour Live Performance Teaser
Flavour - Oyi (Live Performance)
Flavour - Obianuju (Live Performance)
Flavour, Odumeje - Powers (Official Audio)
Flavour - Live in London (2023)
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Flavour - Big Baller (Lyrics Video)
SUNDAY SERVICE � #music #africanroyalty #flavour
The Conqueror Is Here! ��
Flavour - African Royalty (Live Session)
ORIGINAL AGBA BALLER! #africanroyalty #music #afrobeats #bigballer #flavour
COYG! ⚽️ The Biggest Ballers ����� #africanroyalty #bigballer #arsenal
Flavour - Big Baller (Official Video)
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THE BIG BALLERS IN TOWN ‼️ #TOEAllWhite #BigBaller #africanroyalty
BIG BALLER ALERT � #bigballer #africanroyalty #flavourofafrica
MMANWU ANAAAA � #bigballer #africanroyalty #flavourofafrica
LUXURY OR NOTHING � #bigballer #africanroyalty
It’s Nothing �� #africanroyalty #bigballer
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EZE MUO, HOW MUCH IS MONEY? ��� #africanroyalty #music #bigballer
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Flavour - Fearless featuring Ejyk Nwamba (Official Audio)
Flavour - Levels Pro Max (Official Audio)
Flavour - Show Off (Official Audio)
Flavour - Osiso Osiso Featuring The Cavemen [Official Audio]
Flavour - Woman King (Official Audio)
Flavour - Daberechi (Official Audio)
Flavour - Fall In Love featuring Efya (Official Audio)
Flavour - Lion's Den (Official Audio)
Flavour - African Dream (Official Audio)
Flavour - Her Excellency (Nwunye Odogwu) [Official Audio]
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Flavour - Big Baller [Official Audio]
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Flavour - African Royalty
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Great time in NYC�, Thank you #NextNarrativeAfrica � #flavourofafrica #flavour #flavourmusic
�� TOUR FINALE. DAALU NU MANCHESTER ❤️ #flavourofafrica #flavourmusic #flavournabania
NDI IKE #flavourofafrica #dance #flavour #flavourmusic #afrobeat #flavournabania
NDI IKE NA BALL ⚽️ #flavour #flavourofafrica #flavourmusic #flavournabania
�� BIRMINGHAM! I love you too � #flavourofafrica #flavour #flavourmusic #flavournabania
Flavour - Live in Frankfurt
�� LONDON, LAST NIGHT WAS EPIC! WE GO AGAIN TONIGHT � #flavour #flavourofafrica
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#Rehearsals �� #music #flavour #flavourofafrica #flavournabania
� LAST OPTION UMUNWA �#flavourofafrica #flavournabania #gamechanger
Flavour of AFRICA � What else?
Flavour - Oslo Vibes
Flavour - AFREXIMFEST 2023
�Oslo tonight! Let’s have a blast � #gamechanger #dike #flavour
Flavour - Behind the Music
MORE LIFE ONYEOMA � #gamechanger #dike
London, IJELE IS COMING … Anyi apuo! � AUGUST 4th it’s going down! Visit cokobar.com for tickets
Step aside for the #GameChanger �� Thank you @villatoscanaluxe
#TOEat60 �
Mr. Flavour on the microphone � #TOEat60
Caught Unawares! �
Happy Birthday � Son ❤️, More Life and God’s Blessings �
Flavour - Game Changer (Dike) [Behind the Scenes]
Flavour - Game Changer (Dike) [Official Video]
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DIKE �� #gamechanger #flavour #flavourofafrica #dike
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ACHALUGO DIKE � #gamechanger #dike #flavourofafrica #flavour
ONWERE NGABASI #flavour #flavourofafrica #gamechanger #dike
Flavour - Game Changer (Dike) [Lyrics]
Flavour - Game Changer (Dike) [Official Audio]
Flavour - LEVEL'D UP
Flavour - My Sweetie (Official Video)
Flavour - Weekend Vibes
Flavour - Saturdays Are For...
Flavour - Live in Bangui (Part Two)
Flavour - Live in Bangui (Part One)
Flavour - Live in Asaba
Flavour - Back 2 Back
Flavour - Studio Session (Eko Atlantic)
Flavour - Weekend in the East
Flavour - Trip 2 Agbor
Flavour - Egwu Ndi Oma
Flavour - No Days Off
Flavour - A Day in Umunze
Flavour - Beer Parlor Discussions (feat. Waga G)
Flavour - Homecoming 2022 Concert Special
Flavour - Levels (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour - Levels (Official Video)
Flavour - Gym Session (USA Tour)
Flavour - Berna Reloaded (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour - Berna Reloaded (feat. Fally Ipupa & Diamond Platnumz)
Flavour - Semah (The Product of Grace)
Flavour - Good Woman (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour - Good Woman (Official Video)
Flavour - Omo T'emi (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour - Omo T'emi (Official Video)
Flavour - Festive Season 2020
Flavour - Doings (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour - Umu Igbo (feat. Biggie Igba)
Flavour - Doings (feat. Phyno) [Official Video]
Flavour - Looking Nyash (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour of Africa Album Listening Party
Flavour of Africa Album Listening Party
Flavour - Looking Nyash (Official Video)
Flavour - Flavour of Africa
Flavour - Berna feat. Fally Ipupa & Tekno
Flavour - Egwu Ndi Oma
Flavour - Skit feat. Odumeje
Flavour - Doings feat. Phyno
Flavour - Product of Grace
Flavour - Sawa Sawa feat. Beenie Man
Flavour - Beer Parlor Discussions feat. Waga Gee
Flavour - Odoyewu
Flavour - Ebube
Flavour - Omeiheoma
Flavour - Bestie feat.Larry Gaga
Flavour - Good Woman
Flavour - Looking Nyash
Flavour - Omo T'emi
Flavour - Umuigbo feat. Biggie Igba
Flavour - #NewNigeria
Flavour - Vibes With Odumeje
Flavour X Phyno - Chop Life (Official Video)
Flavour - Chop Life Concert 2020 (Behind the Scenes)
Chop Life Concert 2020
Flavour - ODUMEJE Visits IJELE
Flavour - Live in Liberia (feat. Semah)
Flavour - Villa Toscana Launch Party
Flavour - NO EXCUSES (Gym Session with Chidinma)
Flavour - Studio Session With Cobhams
Flavour (feat. PC Lapez) - Kanayo
Flavour x Chidinma - 40 Yrs (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour x Chidinma - Mma Mma (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour x Chidinma - Nkem (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour x Chidinma - Iyawo Mi
Flavour x Chidinma - Mma Mma (Official Video)
Flavour x Chidinma - 40 Yrs Lovestacle (The Movie)
Flavour x Chidinma - Nkem (Official Video)
Flavour x Chidinma - Nkem Acoustic [Official Audio]
Flavour x Chidinma - Iyawomi [Official Audio]
Flavour x Chidinma - Mma Mma [Official Audio]
Flavour x Chidinma - 40 Yrs [Official Audio]
Flavour x Chidinma - Nkem [Official Audio]
Flavour x Chidinma - 40 Yrs (Official Video)
Flavour - Hanging With Semah
Flavour - Back 2 Back (Live Performances)
Flavour - VIBE SESSION with my brothers!!!
Flavour - Visit to Cheshire Home Enugu
Flavour - Live Wedding Performance
Flavour - IJELEDINHO (Game Day!)
Flavour - Time to Party (feat. Diamond Platnumz) [Official Audio]
Flavour - Live Performance [HiLifeFest 2019]
Flavour x Semah - MERCY (Official Audio) 2019
Flavour x Semah - MERCY (Official Video)
Flavour - Live in Paris (TRACE Live 2019)
Flavour - Ariva (Official Audio)
Flavour - Ariva [Official Video]
Flavour - Live Performance (Nigerian Breweries)
Flavour - 48Hours With IJELE !!!
Flavour - Awele (feat. Umu Obiligbo) [Official Video]
Flavour - Crazy Love (Feat. Yemi Alade) [Behind the Scenes]
Flavour - Crazy Love (Feat. Yemi Alade) [Official Video]
Flavour - Live in Port Hacourt (Shell Petroleum) and Anambra
Flavour - Live in Suriname 2018
Flavour - Football and Friends
Flavour - Time to Party (feat. Diamond Platnumz) [Official Video]
Flavour X Semah - Unchangeable [Official Audio]
Flavour x Semah - Unchangeable [Behind The Scenes]
Flavour X Semah - Unchangeable (Official Video)
Flavour X Semah - Power And Glory [Official Audio]
Flavour X Semah - Power And Glory [Behind The Scenes]
Flavour X Semah - Power And Glory (Official Video)
Flavour X Semah - No One Like You [Behind The Scenes]
Flavour X Semah - All We Need [Behind The Scenes]
Semah X Flavour - No One Like You [Official Video]
Semah G. Weifur - All We Need (feat. Flavour) [Official Video]
Fiokee - Very Connected (Feat. Flavour) [Official Video]
Flavour - Someone Like You [Official Video]
Flavour - Love from Liberia 2018 [Day One]
Flavour - Ijele (Feat. Zoro) [Official Video]
Flavour - Chimamanda (Official Video)
FlavourVEVO Live Stream
Flavour - TRACE Live (September 2017)
Flavour - Nnekata (Official Video)
Flavour - Loose Guard (feat. Phyno) [Official Video]
Flavour - Catch You (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour X Semah - Most High (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour - Virtuous Woman (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour - Baby Na Yoka (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour - Jaiye (Official Video)
Flavour - Most High (feat. Semah) [Official Video]
Flavour – Semah’s Dreams Came True
Flavour - Sake of Love (feat. Sarkodie) [Official Video]
Flavour - Catch You (Official Video)
Flavour - Virtuous Woman (Official Video)
Flavour - Catch You [Official Audio]
Flavour - Baby Na Yoka [Official Audio]
Flavour - Sake of Love (feat. Sarkodie) [Official Audio]
Flavour - Oringo [Official Audio]
Flavour - Loose Guard (feat. Phyno) [Official Audio]
Flavour - Virtuous Woman [Official Audio]
Flavour - Most High (feat. Semah G. Weifur) [Official Audio]
Flavour - Jaiye [Official Audio]
Flavour - Baby Na Yoka (Official Video)
Flavour - Skit (feat. Waga, Oloye, Rabbai, Zuada) [Official Audio]
Flavour - Simba [Official Audio]
Flavour - Chimamanda [Official Audio]
Flavour - Nnekata [Official Audio]
Flavour - Iheneme (feat. Chidinma) [Official Audio]
Flavour - Body Calling (feat. Terry Akpala) [Official Audio]
Flavour - Oppressor [Official Audio]
Flavour - Ijele (feat. Zoro) [Official Audio]
Flavour- Ukwu Nwata [Official Audio]
Flavour - Live in Liberia [Dreams Do Come True] (Part Two)
Flavour - Live In Liberia (Part One)
Flavour - From Flavour (With Love) [Part Two]
Flavour - Dangote Foods Gala Nite (February 2017)
Flavour - GBO GAN GBOM (feat. Phyno & Zoro) [Official Video]
Flavour - Obianuju (Official Video)
Flavour - One Africa Music Fest (July 2016)
Flavour - From Flavour (With Love) [Part One]
Flavour - GBO GAN GBOM (Une Soul) [feat. Phyno & Zoro]
Flavour (feat. Selebobo) - Mmege Mmege (Official Video)
Flavour - West Africa Tour (Abidjan 2016)
Flavour - West Africa Tour (Mali 2016)
Flavour - DANCE (Official Video)
Flavour (feat. Chidinma) - Mama (Official Video)
Flavour (feat. Chidinma) - Mama
Flavour - Champion (Official Video)
Flavour (feat. M.I. & Phyno) - Wiser (Official Video)
Flavour - Sexy Rosey feat. P-Square (Official Video)
Flavour - Power To Win (Official Video)
Flavour Live in London (Promo)
Flavour - Ololufe (feat. Chidinma) [Official Video]
Flavour - Golibe (Official Video)
Flavour - Wiser (feat. Phyno, M I)
Flavour - Wake Up (feat. Wande Coal)
Flavour - Uru Dia (Shake 2)
Flavour - Special One
Flavour - Skit (feat. Waga G, Onyii)
Flavour - Skit (feat. Oloye, Jerry Cee, Whad Up,Waga G)
Flavour - Sexy Rosey
Flavour - Pick Up Your Phone
Flavour - Orinado
Flavour - Ololufe (feat. Chidinma)
Flavour - Nwayo Nwayo
Flavour - Nwanyi Mbaise
Flavour - Munachi
Flavour - Mmege (feat. Selebobo)
Flavour - Inasonki
Flavour - Igbo Amaka
Flavour - Ife Adigomma
Flavour - Golibe
Flavour - Dance
Flavour - Believe
Flavour - Keneya
Flavour - Wake Up feat. Wande Coal (Official Video)
Flavour - Live in Hamburg, Germany (Promo)
Flavour - Live in Boudeaux, France (Promo)
Flavour - Nigerian Heritage Summit (2014)
Flavour - Performing Live In Switzerland (Promo)
Flavour - Live Performance In Dubai (Promo)
Flavour - Live Performance In Dominica (Promo)
Flavour - I'm For Real (Official Video)
Flavour - Live in Burkina Faso (Promo)
Flavour - Live in Concert in Switzerland [Promo]
Flavour - Black Is Beautiful [Official Video]
Flavour - Live in Concert in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso [Promo]
Flavour - Eve Mega Concert Cameroon [Promo]
Flavour - Video Skit (feat. Waga, Oloye & MJ)
Flavour - Ikwokrikwo (Official Video)
Flavour - Live in Palais De La Culture, Abidjan (Promo)
Flavour - Football Workout with Friends
Flavour - Live In Cameroon
Flavour - Chinny Baby (Remix) [feat. Nawab]
Flavour - Cameroon Tour
Flavour - Ada Ada (Official Video)
Flavour - Hanging Out with Fally Ipupa and D'Banj
Flavour - Thrilling Fans at the MTV All Stars with Snoop Lion Concert (Kwazulu-Natal)
Flavour - American Tour (2013)
Flavour - Live Performance At Nite Shift [Part One]
Flavour - Live Performance At Nite Shift [Part Two]
Flavour - Australian Tour (2013)
Flavour - Live Performance In Burkina Faso
Flavour - Chinny Baby (Official Video)
Flavour - At Enugu Road Block
Flavour - Chinny Baby [Behind The Scenes]
Flavour - Equatorial Guinea Concert
Flavour - Shake (Official Video)
Flavour - Shake (Behind the Scenes)
Flavour - Beach Explosion Concert South Africa
Flavour - Malaysia Concert
Flavour - Dubai Concert
Flavour - In Concert At Botswana
Flavour - Baby Oku - Dance Version [Blessed Album]
Flavour - Ikwokrikwo [Blessed Album]
Flavour - Chinny Baby [Blessed Album]
Flavour - Shake [Blessed Album]
Flavour - Carolina [Blessed Album]
Flavour - Chewe Kwem [Blessed Album]
Flavour - Sweet Tomatoes [Blessed Album]
Flavour - Black Is Beautiful [Blessed Album]
Flavour - Destiny [Blessed Album]
Flavour - Ada Ada [Blessed Album]
Flavour - To Be A Man [Blessed Album]
Flavour - Ifem N'eli [Blessed Album]
Flavour - Beverly [Blessed Album]
Flavour - I Don't Care Ft. Wizboy [Blessed Album]
Flavour - Baby Oku (Official Video)
Flavour - Ashawo Remix [Live in Zurich Switzerland]
Flavour - Kwarikwa [Live in Zurich Switzerland]
Flavour - Kwarikwa [Remix] feat. Fally Ipupa (Official Video)
Flavour - Kwarikwa Ft. Fally Ipupa [Remix]
Flavour - Oyi (I Dey Catch Cold) [Lyrics]
Flavour - Africa Unplugged (Wembley, UK Concert)
Flavour - France Concert (Duck Pullman)
Flavour - Baby Oku [lyrics]
Flavour - Pool Hangout (Before "Girl" video shoot)
Flavour - Ukwu [lyrics]
Flavour - Canada Tour (Edmonton Concert)
Flavour - Canada Tour (Montreal Concert)
Flavour - Canada Tour (Ottawa Concert)
Flavour - Canada Tour (Toronto Concert)
Flavour - Canada Tour (Vancouver Concert)
Flavour - Canada Tour (Calgary Concert)
Flavour - Packed on Music Festival (Promo)
Flavour - Live Performance In Cameroun (Trace Festival)
Flavour - Guitar Freestyle [Video]
Flavour - Freestyling
Flavour - On The Guitar In Sierra Leone [video]
Flavour (feat. Tiwa Savage) - Oyi (Remix)
Flavour (feat. Tiwa Savage) - Oyi Remix (Official Video)
Flavour - Grand Performance At Hush Night Club [Video]
Flavour - Generous to Kids in Salone [Video]
Flavour - Nigeria Ebezina (Subsidy) [Official Video]
Flavour - Nigeria Ebezina (Subsidy)
Flavour - Iwe (Tribute To MC Loph) [Official Video]
Flavour - Iwe (Tribute To MC Loph)
Flavour - Nwata (Lyrics)
Flavour - Adamma (Video Remake)
Flavour - Baby Oku (Official Audio)
Flavour Ft. Sho' Boi - Thank God
Flavour - Odiro Easy (Official Video)
Flavour - Ashawo (Ghana Remix) [Official Video]
Flavour - Oyi (i dey catch cold) lyrics
Flavour feat. Stormrex - Ukwu (Lyrics)
Flavour - Rigi Rigi [Official Video]
Flavour - Nwata [Official Video]
Flavour - Nwa Baby [Official Original Video]
Flavour - Nwa Baby (Official Video)
Flavour Ft. Mr Raw - N'Abania [Official Video]
Flavour - I Don Smoke Igbo [Official Video]
Flavour - Oyi (I Dey Catch Cold) [Official Video]
Flavour - Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix) [Official Video]
Flavour Ft. Jah Dey- My Woman Is Gone [Official Video]
Flavour - Adamma [Official Video]
Flavour (feat. Stormrex) - Ukwu
Flavour - Turn Me On
Flavour - Pant No N'iro
Flavour - Oyi (I Dey Catch Cold)
Flavour - Odiro Easy
Flavour Ft. Jah Dey - My Woman Is Gone
Flavour Ft. V.I.P - My Baby
Flavour Ft. M-Jay, Waga G, Jah Dey, Elense - Kwarikwa
Flavour - Kiumanjo
Flavour - Chinedum
Flavour - Ashawo RMX
Flavour RMX Ft. Asem, Bradez - Ashawo Ghana
Flavour feat. Waga Gee - Asanwa
Flavour Ft.Oloye, Baba Lotwah - Alcohol
Flavour - Adamma
Flavour - Rigirigi
Flavour - Ogbuolam
Flavour - Nwata
Flavour - N'Abania Ft. Mr Raw
Flavour - I Don Smoke Igbo
Flavour - D One
Flavour - Nwa Baby
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