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Born in Uganda (in July 1993), as an offshoot of a schools’ mission program at Kampala Pentecostal Church, First Love is a group of five (5) young men committed to impacting communities of peoples of diverse ethnic backgrounds with the positive and wholesome message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, through their music, skills and lifestyles.

Currently based in the United Kingdom, the group has twice toured East, Central and Southern Africa where they held successful concerts outdoors, in churches and in topnotch nightclubs. Within their first 2 months of living in the UK, First Love had the privilege of being finalists on Channel 4’s Gospel Singers of the Year Awards 2002. In the months that followed, First Love went on to tour Sweden and Switzerland in Europe and the United States, performing their unique blend of motivational, spiritually uplifting African melodies to the acclaim of diverse audiences.

This crossover appeal has seen First Love work with organizations like the Haringey Peace Alliance, an initiative countering Drug abuse and Gun crime in London’s North Borough of Hariney, Tottenham, PMU Interlife and SIDA (Swedish International Development Aid), in Sweden. In the US, First Love has so far had the privilege of holding concerts in schools, US federal prisons, churches and at the United Nations in New York.

First Love is attached to Liberty Christian Fellowship in London, under the leadership of Pastors Lincoln and Grace Sserwanga.


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First Love
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