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DyaLi Ogoti has been singing since the age of 15. From her early years she discovered that she had a charming voice and her peers were quickly drawn to her and what she said. She learned early how to express herself freely and articulately thus influencing others to reflect or find solutions to different challenges. She had the gift of persuasion and inspiration. This was nurtured through singing and being given different positions of responsibility. To this day she still possesses the gift of charisma in her voice that captivates anyone who listens to her.

She seized the opportunity to nurture her talent under the tutelage of (the late) Achieng Abura in 2002, where she became her Background Vocalist and Choreographer. Her musical journey was filled with learning curves and musical exposure in different countries and with international artistes from Africa.

In 2007, she joined Suzanna Owiyo as a vocalist and the exposure took to greater heights. She had the opportunity of performing in festivals such as Sauti za Busara (Zanzibar), WOMEX (Spain), the Smithsonian Folklife Festival (USA) and projects such as Because I Am A Girl by Plan International. She has also backed visiting international artists performing in Kenya such as Les Tchielly Band from Senegal, Anyango (Eriko Mukoyama) from Japan and Oliver Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe. The traveling and collaborations have greatly empowered her as a musician.

In 2012, while undertaking a course in Creative Entrepreneurship, she saw the need for giving a platform to upcoming creatives who needed exposure and appreciation. Many challenges have come her way and without funding she founded Simply Blacque and decided to give mentorship through training workshops that culminate into concerts where many have benefited.
Her solo career is shaping up and she is able to compose, arrange and perform her own music.

Since 2006, she has been actively training as a vocal coach and more recently directing at Alliance Francaise Nairobi, various private primary schools and individuals.

In December 2016, she formed Simply Blacque Band with the aim of exploring her musicality and experimentation of new sound. Her upcoming Album, DiyaLi Ogoti - The Journey which is still being compiled. She decided to have her songs performed before recording them so that it can be refined through experiences and creativity.

As the Director of Simply Blacque she aspires to work with communities in need of creative platforms and nurture performing arts, foster positive cultural practices and preserve Kenya’s diverse heritage.
DyaLi’s musical maturity and authenticity are heavily influenced by rhythms from Kenyan Benga and traditional beats from West and South African music and best of all, life’s experiences. She is also working on her first book, an African anthology of short stories and poems that touch the lives of African women in the past, present and future context of time.

DyaLi’s journey to self discovery continues.


BME 2023 - Nia
Bujumbura Music Expo 2023 - Ayub Ogada's Rendition - Koth Biro
Bujumbura Music Expo 2023 - Lewe Live!


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BME 2023 - Nia
Bujumbura Music Expo 2023 - Ayub Ogada's Rendition - Koth Biro
Bujumbura Music Expo 2023 - Lewe Live!
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