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DJ Speech (real name Mcebo Dlamini) is a Swaziland born seasoned entertainer who has been involved in a number of highly attended entertainment events. He is a songwriter, Afro-pop and kwaito artist whose music career began in 2004.

He discovered his stage name in 2006 through friends who used to call him Speech. In 2007, he fell in love with house music and started performing at his former high school as a DJ and sound engineer with his friend Scara. In 2008, he and his brother Skynet Lil D founded a brand known as House is My Religion.

In 2009, he met Tyrone Reid, the man behind Tinkers Club. This gave him the opportunity of knowing how to use CDs during his practice sessions. He used other basics of mixed music by Tyrone (Mr 505), DJ Czar and Mozaik (Claiming Ground Recods). In mid-2010, Speech relocated to Big Bend where he met DJ Mfundo who signed him to Kool Swazi Entertainment, since then he has served the stable as a DJ and marketing manager.

He did very well at Kool Swazi Crossover Party which took place at Siteki Park in the New Year’s Eve (NYE) 2015. Speech (together with Zitawa KaZitha) also got the chance to entertain fun lovers at the last Nalabantfu Annual Picnic in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

SZMbabane, Swaziland


Mcebo Dlamini
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