Mkay was born and raised in a music loving family in the heart of Meru, North Eastern Kenya where he also attended secondary school.

As a computer science student, Martin had direct access to decent computers where he installed virtual dj (atomix mp3 back then) on one of the machines quickly transforming it into an entertainment powerhouse of the time. it was around this period that Dj Kyogs was introduced to the rest of the community during entertainment nights where his video mixes used to be played back to back with those of industry leaders of the time.


In 2010, Martin moved to Southern Africa to pursue education and in the process the entertainer in him sort a different identity. this time it was CHAOS. to this day. those that grooved with the then promising young artist still refer to Mkay as Chaos because that put a fitting tittle to the chaotic energy that was displayed whenever he was manning the decks. During this period, Martin met and worked alongside individuals such as Dj DD Cool, Dj Ddang, Dj Cash, Dj Tendaness and others who to this day play an instrumental role in contributing to the growth of this now seasoned entertainer. 2010-2012 was a huge turning point for the young artist as he sort new ways of rendering his selections, acquiring equipment, switching from Virtual Dj to Traktor Dj and most important of all diversifying his performance to be one that leaves an impact on any group of people from any part of the world. This was further solidified by a 9 month Residency at “Club Nest” in Ngong Nairobi where he worked alongside Stevoh and Kevoh from Jomino Entertainment. Mkay and Kevoh were instrumental in creating a scene at the venue albeit lots of challenges given the deteriorated state of matters/venue. Regardless, there was lots of progress and great memories made by the time Chaos left for North Carolina to study at Methodist University in Fayetteville.


Mkay was born out of necessity and hunger for a scene. In 2014 Chaos was rebranded to MKAY. “This for me represented a true turning point as an artist. I wanted a brand that represented peace even down to the name of the brand itself. I also knew what I wanted to do with my God given talents and the skills I had acquired along the way.”

In 2015, MKAY was booked to one of the Biggest Festivals in Africa, Bushfire, after having rendered high energy performances at Sibebe Friday Night, House on Fire‘s NYE 2014, various private and self hosted parties and the occasional local bar invasion.

Since then, the name MKAY has become synonymous with having a good time. Settings such as concerts, weddings, family and any private events, graduation parties, product launches, corporate functions or just your regular night at the club get exposed to a one of a kind experience whenever MKAY is manning the decks.




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DJ Mkay
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SZMbabane, Swaziland
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