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With a richly diverse, astute and expertise-laden editorial staff, Diplomat East Africa is the prestigious professional journal covering international and current affairs for the East Africa region. DEA is written, designed, packaged and presented to provide perfect balance between good journalism and excellent publicity for an audience steeped in leadership, decision-making and strategic implementations.

DEA offers timely and in-depth analyses focusing on international relations, diplomatic matters, regional politics, economic issues such as trade and investment, humanitarian initiatives and sports. Each issue highlights various comprehensive interviews with members of the diplomatic corps and other top level officials, therefore offering a unique insight into the minds of prominent personalities, and the happenings of foreign governments.

DEA's mix of expert analysis, authoritative political commentary on current affairs and one-on-one with Ambassadors make it a 'must-read' for the diplomatic community and for those in the foreign affairs departments.

KENairobi, Kenya


The Editor
Profile added by Stanley Gazemba on 16 Jul 2014