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Dinkie was born Buntu Manjati in Umtata, in 1994, the same year as our democracy. Dinkie’s story reads like a thread plucked from the DNA of our nation: Born poor, loosing his mother early, being raised by his sister and having to leave a promising school career to become the breadwinner. All too familiar?

So why they call Dinkie The Rap Priest?
A far cry from rappers in LA whose publicists get them arrested for misdemeanours to earn street cred, Dinkie is what we in South Africa would call a solid oak! A dedicated father, entrepreneur and artist, Dinkie has his eyes on the road and his hands firmly on the wheel. He’s the real deal, a role model and inspiration to youth.

Growing up with out a father, Dinkie got to learn how to be a man from his older siblings.
In the year 2009 after the passing of his mother, whom he lived with all his life, Dinkie relocated to the city of Durban to live with his sister.
Around this time rapper had started the path of writing. Taking inspiration for the "art of poetry" from the legendary William Shakespeare. Writing poetry gave "The Rap Priest" a chance to pour out his chest, converting his pain to glory.
He released a single called "Songs of the soul” in the year 2017, which caught the attention of upcoming record label "Pimp Records and Entertainment".

The record label began operation the following year 2018 and collaborated with Dinkie on a single track. Bringing to the world a song that would go viral and gain the artist a mass number of supporters from all across the world. Raking in over 300 000 streams across all social media platforms,
"Put your hands up" produced by TRU HITZ was the first introduction to the threat that Dinkie would soon become in the hip-hop scene.

Then moving solo again due to the pandemic, which left a lot of companies without any hope. It was the year 2021, Dinkie continued on his journey and released a major part of his personal life in a single track “Face my truth”. The track was later followed by his debut album also called “Face my truth”, consisting of ten songs.


ZADurban, South Africa
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