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Dhortune ThatOndoBoy (born Olamidotun Richard Oluwatimilehin) is a fast-rising Nigerian artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and a performing and recording artist.

Dhortune, who hails from Ondo State, was born on 10 October 1988, he is the fifth and youngest male child of the family. He is a graduate of Chemistry, and was as of 2020 studying Economics. While in University, Dhortune won many music competitions such as the Tenors Talent Hunt Competition in 2008, Tenors Top Ten Music Competition with his group Daclefs in 2009, he represented Ondo State at a music competition with over 3000 contestants organised by the the Nigerian government for all Niger Delta states, and emerged the winner. He also contested at the last Edition of Glo X-Factor.

Dhortune, won the coveted AfriMusic Song Contest for 2020, which is the biggest songwriting competition in Africa. Open to all 54 countries across the continent via digital platforms. He led the AfriMusic Song Contest in the finals, during April 2020, received an astounding 315,314 public votes. Dhortune had his first international debut as part of the global Eurostream 2020 GRAND FINAL.

As of 2020, he was signed to ACI Entertainment an upscale multi event and record label in Nigeria, under which he released his debut single titled 'AYA MI' in 2017. He also released a single titled 'YÈMI'. Dhortune has performed alongside several top musicians, such as King Sunny Ade, thus earning him the coronation as the Prince of Highlife. He has also performed with Nigerian saxophonist Yemisax, actor Yemi Blaq, and many other stars.

Dhortune ThatOndoBoy's music is a fusion of contemporary Afro-highlife with modern tune. His songs also promote the Ondo-Yoruba African culture. He has written songs for several artists in the music industry, and he is currently working on his debut album set for release in 2020.


eSwatini - Stay by CheiStar
Nigeria - ADA by Victorious
Kenya - Upon Thee by Suz-Eye
Ghana - Efe Keyz - Feelings
Nigeria - Dhortune ThatOndoBoy - YÈMI
South Africa - LusiBlaq - Emlanjeni


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Nigeria - Dhortune ThatOndoBoy - YÈMI
South Sudan - Yuppie Jay - Bubble It
Zambia - Waina - Norita
South Africa -Presss - African Child
South Africa - Thato Kashe - Ndimilona
Tunisia - Hamza Mathcima - Samra
South Africa - Mandlamkhulu - Vukani
Uganda - Frank Magic - Sibiwulira
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South Africa - Holly Rey - Fire
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Nigeria - Dr Philz - Butter
South Africa - Jolanda Becker - The Song of Hope
Nigeria - Ayuba Tete - Hope Song
Malawi - Bamoc - Closed Doors
Cameroon - Epiesco - Nga Di Scream
Kenya - Otis Jela - Yako
Ghana - EpiqMenz - Downtown Guy
Democratic Republic of the Congo - Anouchka - Na Lela Yo
Kenya - Crank - Cause You're Mine
Ghana - Efe Keyz - Feelings
Democratic Republic of the Congo - Eddy Rug - BlaBlaBla
Côte d'Ivoire - Leflo Gnezale - Reste
Cameroon - Liya Yoh - Broken
Cameroon - Joahn Lover - Ticket Validé
Burundi - Miss Erica - In My Heart
South Africa - African Child by Presss
Ghana - One World by Ded Buddy
Nonzwakazi Interview Morning Live SABC 2
South Africa - Breathe by Travolta
Malawi - Ocean Heart by Luzio
Zimbabwe - Marunjeya by Simple Claude
Senegal - Awma Sa Fay by Eightin Binda
Nigeria - Beautiful People by Victor Swaggz
South Africa - Vukani by Mandlamakhulu
Malawi - Misonzi by The Daughters Band
Ghana - Be Happy by Kwamiena
Equatorial Guinea - Today and Forever by Cyrus Be Me
Senegal - J'ai Appris À Marche by Kemit
Ghana - Commet Your Leg by King Baasha
Ghana - Sexy Sexy by Kirani AYAT
Gabon - Papi by Lil Gangsta
Nigeria - ADA by Victorious
Malawi - Closed Doors by Bamoc
Cameroon - Ticket Valide by Joahn Lover
Nigeria - Ringo Ringo by Frankeyz
Democratic Republic of the Congo - Tshitshampa by Ced Koncept
South Africa - Human Nature by G-C Celebrity
Ghana - Lite Up by Revival
South Africa - Yebo Lapho by Badfellaz
Nigeria - Blesser by Don Smasher
Ghana - Nothing Late by Gee Ice
Ghana - Odo Dam by M.J
Uganda - Sibiwulira by Frank Magic
Namibia - Endless Love by Nicko Zamaleck
Nigeria - Corner Stone by Seyi Ajayi
Uganda - The Pan African Song by Uncle Inno
Nigeria - Do Me Something by Solid-Square
Ghana - Feelings by Efe Keyz
Nigeria - Cry by Ice Cool
Nigeria - Will You Wait by Ezekiel Granth
Morocco - Sa3a Sa3ida by Ayoub Bel
South Africa - Ndimilona by Thato Kashe
Nigeria - Hope Song by Ayuba Tete
Zimbabwe: Easy Decision by Sweetness Rue
Cameroon - Nga di Scream by Epiesco
Democratic Republic of the Congo - I Gotta Make It by Izzy Kenani
Ghana - Transformation by Prince Aryee
Zambia - Jump by Mwabkits
Burundi - In My Heart by Miss Erica
Zambia - Loophole by Rhumpi TK
Zambia - My Companion by Kelly Drayz
South Africa - Mbali by Makhush
Ghana - Downtown Guy by EpiqMenz
Nigeria - YÈMI by Dhorture ThatOndoBoy
South Africa - Lang'phuma Khona by Khobi King
Nigeria - Untouchable by Laz B
Nigeria - Falling For You by Emiwiz Onetime
Malawi - Akondakitale by Gwamba
Nigeria - Wait by Deborah Grace
South Sudan - Happy Women's Day by Tony Alex
Zimbabwe - Find Me by Macrayne Lomac
Kenya - Who Am I, Worlds Mistake by Ecspedition
Cameroon - Broken by Liya Yoh
Côte d'Ivoire - Good Dream by King Djok
Morocco - No Need to Look Up by The Morocker
South Africa - The Song of Hope by Jolanda Becker
Tunisia - Samra by Hamza Mathcima
Ghana - Only You by LilKid
South Africa - Cry by Emma Parlabean
South Africa - Fire by Holly Rey
Ghana - C'est Quoi by Elpidio d'Almeida
Ghana - Give Thanx by Kris Sakka
Namibia - Tate Buti by Abrizo The Dirty-Prey
Liberia - Don't Go by Big Ali J
Kenya - Cause You're Mine by Crank
Zambia - Hear Me Out by Kat Cedric
South Africa - Echo by Kenton Lee
Nigeria - Let Them Grow by D'Jaz
South Africa - The Wheels Keep Turning by Cherry Pill
Zimbabwe - Titambe by Can of Worms
Nigeria - Medicine by Dr Kells
Ghana - Africa Picture by Lyrix Abisah
Côte d'Ivoire - Leflo Gnezale by Reste
Uganda - M.I.A by LS Andre
South Africa - Calling Out To You by Dave Starke
Ghana - African Woman by Shiorkor
Ghana - Winning by Kofi Gaza
South Africa - Chaba Rebone by Delta The Leo
Mozambique - Casanova by Jay Arghh
Zambia - Africa by Sammie
Zambia - Norita by Waina
Zimbabwe - Tonight by Dirty Diamonds
Zambia - So Deep by Nova
South Africa - Ditoro by Kaecy
South Sudan - Bubble It by Yuppie Jay
eSwatini - Stay by CheiStar
Zambia - Moment by Mic Burner
South Africa - Emlanjeni by LusiBlaq
Nigeria - Daalu by Amuta Stone
Ghana - Twa Mu by Ratty Ghana
South Africa - Lufuno by Muneyi
Zimbabwe - Chokwadi by McIntosh
Nigeria - Butter by Dr Philz
Nigeria - Joromi by Kay Klassique
Democratic Republic of the Congo - BlaBlaBla by Eddy Rug
Republic of the Congo - Baobab by Cilia Jules
South Africa - Find You by Brady Yocré
Kenya - Upon Thee by Suz-Eye
Nigeria - Little Girls Grow by Zinny
Zimbabwe - Craving For You by Lamz Da Flavour
South Africa - Everybody by Leota Taylor
Tanzania - Nakupenda by Voice Prince
Democratic Republic of the Congo - Na Lela Yo by Anouchka
Nigeria - Africa United by Kingstyle
Uganda - Mubiri Gwo by Trix Lane
Uganda - Safari by Winston Mukasa
Kenya - Yako by Otis Jela
Ghana - Twumwa Aseda by Georgina Osei
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Mozambique Carlitos Jay Arghh A.K.A. JR
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Thunder Fire - Dee Tutu
Juju - Efe Keyz
Hypnotize - Ssue
Always & Forever - Siboat
Cross Road - Da Saama
Merci - Cynthia Dembele
Dancehall on Fire - Alvan Morris
Fun Won Tan - Easrel
Gold - Towela Kaira
Umwami - Amanda Mo
Ngik'tsandzile - Miss Trophy
Phakama Mbokodo - Nonzwakazi
I Will Never Fight Again - Linda Kilian
Ho Tlaba Jwang - Mellow
Can We Go Back - Kelstar
Yari Ngewe - Iyamuremye Serge
Oleburuku - Laz B
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