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Derick Majaivana was born in 1981. He is son of the legendary Lovemore Majaivana who reportedly quit music in the in 1990s. He attended Entumbane High School. His passion for music began in 2003 with a group called One Plus One. When he was young, he used to emulate the late pop singer Michael Jackson. He was inspired when he saw his father performing on such rare occasions.

In 2010, he decided to go solo. When he joined the music industry, his father’s fans felt he was destined to fill the gap left by his father. On 8 June 2015, he launched his debut six-track album called ‘Bayamemeza’. The album features a remix of ‘Umoya Wami’ where his father spoke of how he missed Bulawayo while domiciled in Harare during his heydays. He has named his band The New Zulu band.

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Derick Majaivana

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