Baco and Urban Plant


Baco & urban plant is a band from France ,composed mostly by Maore and Cameroonese musicians.

The group is led by Baco, a composer and author, who began playing the electric guitar at ten.

The group's music is inspired by the rhythm of ngoma drums.

Baco has also distinguished himself as an activist leader of Mahoranese culture, whose mission is to promote traditional and contemporary music.

He has performed Africa, Asia and Europe and has had collaborations with such artists as Keziah Jones, Hanifa Walidah and Earl Blaize.

The credo of BACO and his band Urban Plant is to bring to life the legacy left by black music to the heritage of today's music through the so called style "R'n'G". A new and surprising style where the "R" represents this immeasurable contribution, rock, rap, reggae, and the "G" being the goma, drum in Bantu language, the African pulse.

"Rocking my roots" is the event triple album that brings this brand new genre to light. Each of its 23 tracks illustrates this innovation, this "time before time", where the ternary rythm meets the binary rythm awakening body and mind.

Release on 26 june 2020 on all the platforms!!

Line Up Baco : guitar and vocals, Christian Bourdon : drums , Abbe : keyboard , Aboubass : bass, Paolo Pondinyaga : guitar, Isabel Gonzales and Valérie Belinga : backing vocals.



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