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The national Department of Arts and Culture is the custodian of South Africa's diverse cultural, artistic and linguistic heritage. It is directly responsible for several public entities, including museums, art galleries, the National Archives and six playhouses. It aims to enhance job creation by preserving, protecting and developing arts, culture and heritage to sustain our democracy and build our nation. The country's rich cultural legacy and the creativity of its people mean that South Africa can offer unique stories, voices and products to the world. In addition, artistic expression can foster values, facilitate healing and restore national pride.

South Africa's thriving arts, culture and heritage sector contributes to sustainable economic development, leveraging on partnerships for a socially cohesive nation. South Africa's music industry was worth R2,2 billion in sales in 2011; the craft sector contributed R3,3 billion to gross domestic product (GDP) in 2010 and employs more than 273 000 people; and the visual arts sector has a turnover of nearly R2 billion. The current minister of Arts & Culture is Nathi Mthethwa.

ZAPretoria, South Africa
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