Dennis Brutus Collection


The Dennis Brutus Collection is a compilation of personal and professional correspondence, papers associated with specific organizations and events. It is housed at Special Collections, Brunel University Library, London, in the U.K.

It is a large collection of newspaper cuttings on sport and apartheid in South Africa and numerous drafts of poems, both handwritten and typed. Such materials date from 1961-1992. His other volume of poetry titled ‘Airs and Tributes’ is a collection of a man whose music poetry had a resurging resonance even for the music less ears.

Born in 1924, Dennis Brutus was a South African-born poet and human rights activist who spearheaded a successful campaign to ban apartheid South Africa from international sport competitions. He founded the South African Sports Association in 1961 and the South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee (SAN-ROC) in 1963, and was subsequently arrested and jailed, placed under house arrest, and banned from all literary, academic and political activities. He went into exile in 1966 and lived in the United States from 1970, emerging over the years as a prominent lecturer and author, a professor of African literature and a major spokesperson in the international movement to end apartheid in South Africa.

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Brunel University Library
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