Daniel Mburu Muhuni


Daniel Mburu Muhuni aka Mbutch for him, music is simply a way of life. With roots from the Central Kenya, Mbutch has risen to become a quintessential Kenyan urban artist having also recorded and performed internationally in Thailand, Germany, Italy and Greece. With over 12 years of percussion experience, he is a member of the Beat Parade Band (with Charles and Isaac) and creates musical pieces for three of Nairobi’s top contemporary dance companies, which speaks to the dynamism of his musical talents.

He is a firm believer of understanding the traditional context out of which African Rhythms have arisen and has developed a strong knowledge of the Coastal region’s rich musical traditions. With this holistic approach to music, he is the type of teacher well suited to helping aspiring musicians make a career out of their passion.

KENairobi, Kenya


Daniel Mburu
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