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Born in Chiawelo, Soweto, Dan Tshanda had to leave school at young age. When he was old enough to drive, he found work as a taxi driver. He also started his own group, Flying Squad, released the album 'Mr Tony' on Gallo Records in 1985. Ray Phiri of Stimela was impressed with the band and wanted them as support act, suggesting they change their name to Splash. They soon hit the big time, released classic albums such as 'Peacock' (1986), 'Snake' (1987) 'Money' (1988) and 'Tshokotshoko' (1989).

‘The Hit Machine’ didn’t stop, continuing to release Splash albums annually for much of the 1990s, including 'Eye For An Eye' (1990), 'Why' (1994), 'Cellular' (1995), and 'Double Face' (1997). In the late 90s he left Gallo, releasing 'Crocodile' (1998) with Bula Records before launching his own label, Dalom Music. Also in the Dalom stable are Splash spin-off projects Matshikos, Dalom Kids, Peacock and Dan’s former partner Patricia Majalisa, as well as others. He continued to churn out big-selling albums like 'Ndivhuwo' (2001) and 'Sethopha' (2003). In 2009 he released a double album for the first time - the first disc was titled 'Tolovela' by Splash, the second half was the gospel-flavoured 'Time to Shine' by Dan himself. In 2014 he returned with a new Splash album, 'Delele'.

Dan is one of the few bubblegum artists to become a highly successful businessman, both with his label and other ventures. He remains a popular drawcard both in South Africa and in neighbouring countries like Botswana and Zimbabwe. Almost all the albums he has produced have gone gold or platinum. He is known internationally and has worked with global star Peter Gabriel. He has sold more than a million records, sustaining his career for almost 30 years - and he’s still going strong.


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