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Da Beat is a percussion, vocals and string life ensemble based in a South African township, North West of Pretoria called Ga-Rankuwa. It is made up of young highly spirited and talented individuals. It was originally founded by Mr Cromwell Modise Modungwa in 2010 as an after-school programme. His mission and vision were aimed at teaching the art of drumming and playing percussions to remove young teenagers from negative social impact around the area. Through the dedication and commitment of the students, a new band Da Beat emerged in 2012.

This band is full of creatives who are given the platform to write and produce own music that is universal. It means our music has an influence of African and International sound. Our enjoyable music relays different messages about love, spirituality, and social ills. It is motivational and accommodates all ages.

Currently, Da Beat is mainly reintroducing and rebranding the group. With new additional sounds of winds and string instruments, it was thought that it would bring even more beauty and freshness in the art of music we produce. We are an Afro fusion band but with our versatility and talent we also produce other music genres. Therefore, we make African jazz, Gospel, House music, kwaito, etc. Thus far Da Beat constitutes of official ten members in the group, with three rosses amongst thorns. Amongst the females there is a lead Vocalist, a Drummer / percussionist, and a violinist. Out of the gentlemen we have six drummers/ percussionists / vocalists and one guitarist. We also feature and collaborate with up and coming talented artists as well as known artists such as 60 Hertz Project. Shows and Programmes We hosted our first show in Ga-Rankuwa Community Hall. The aim of the show was to simply showcase our music to our community and give platform to other artist to showcase their talent. We host charity show for Direlang community project and later adopted it as our charity. We help the project in any way we can especially when they run their own projects and events. We continue to give assistance to people who need to know or learn how to play percussion and who want to improve or learn how to sing. We host Sunday Lunches with Da beat and friends at our homes where we offer cooked meals and drinks with good music. This helps us to generate income for the group.

PERFORMANCES We have been fortunate enough to perform in many different functions and events such as weddings, graduations, unveiling of tombstones and all domestic & corporate indoor or outdoor events. We have been part of the FEAST OF THE CLOWS street carnival and the PALE YA RONA street carnival. We have performed at the wedding of King of the Bapedi Ba Ga Sekhukhune also performed David Mashabela’s graduation event in Pretoria. Other performances were; • Shampooniza Comedy Sessions • Market at the Sheds • Launch of The Muffinz Single • Ontlametse Phalatse 's Sweet 16 Birthday Celebrations •...


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