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Coopy Bly was born Emmanuel Edwin Kusaasira on December 5, 1988 to Patrick and Justine Buyinza. Together with his sister, the two of them were raised by their parents in a Christian family setting in Makindye, on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. Coopy Bly’s musical talent was first exposed when he led campfire songs at his first scouting camp in his primary school days. He was then inspired to join the school choir for the last two years of primary school.

In 2003, after joining secondary school, Coopy Bly took advantage of both his parents working in the UK at the time to pursue his music dream, knowing very well they would not fully support his music alongside his academics. Using his savings from his pocket money, Coopy Bly recorded his first song ‘Shiny money’ from Dream Studios and returned to school the following term excited and eager to have his friends listen to his song. In the same year, 2005, Coopy recorded his 3rd song ‘Glorify’ which was quite popular for the following 2 years, giving him the chance to perform at gospel shows with big gospel artists of the time, including one of his role models, Martin Sseku.

By 2010, Coopy Bly had recorded more than 9 songs and was looking forward to completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences at the University so he could have a lot more time for his music career. In the same year, Coopy Bly released ‘Bwaka’, a song hitting at homosexuality and other vices in society, reminding people that judgment day is near. ‘Bwaka’ was a massive hit and was considered by many as his break-out song, getting a lot of radio airplay and accumulating TV and Radio appearances for Coopy Bly. Coopy Bly went ahead and released other hit songs such as ‘Kulunga’ and ’Kumbaya’.

In 2012 Coopy Bly toured around Europe performing in a number of schools, churches and public shows throughout Germany and The Netherlands. After his tour he was nominated for a number of awards in the ‘Olive Gospel Awards’ and was crowned ‘Best Male Artist of the Year 2012-2013’.


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Proggie Uganda
Coopy Bly Beautiful God
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One ft Coopy Bly and Richy (Prod by JT Yego
UGKampala, Uganda


Coopy Bly
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