Club 4fordy


Club 4fordy is a premier hangout spot entertainment event that was launched on 2 August 2014. Since then, 4fordy’s stock has risen to become the hub of revelry in Maseru. It is co-owned by Raohang Lehobo and Leshoele Leshoele. The club’s success has been attributed to a blend of eclectic music and a convivial environment for people of various ages and backgrounds. This is despite being situated at DLM Complex, far from the city centre, where the 4fordy’s competitors are located. Its target market is mainly young people, with hip-hop the predominant genre. The club’s regular gigs include open mic sessions on Wednesdays, hip-hop and RnB music from Friday to Saturday and soulful house sessions on Sunday.

LSMaseru, Lesotho


Club 4fordy
Profile added by Ano Shumba on 12 Dec 2016
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