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Christian Bella 'Obama' is an elegant and energetic artist with remarkable ability to manipulate his voice to unique pleasures for any music fan who has watched him live or listened to his songs. He is a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) nick-named 'Mfalme wa Masauti' (King of Voices), Bella's popularity has continued to expand and increase ever since he was brought in by musician King Dodoo, as fans began to accept his natural talent rapidly one song after the other. King Dodoo began to 'recognize' Bella in some of his songs and album tracks while performing live shows in Nairobi, Kenya. At the time they made the album with Chateau Du Soleil Band. He later joined the Akudo and his first song was ‘Walimwengu si Binadamu’. Bella officially got into music since the age of 15 years, where he was the leader of the band of the Chateau, which was owned by Frank, a close ally of musician Papa Wemba.

Bella started from the bottom with a bunch of local youth compasing songs and dances, among these include was Fally Ipupa who later left to go to Koffi Olomide. At 16, he approached Koffi for trials and was accepted. However was not given the opportunity to hit the stage and so ended up sitting on the side. It was then that he decided to join Akudo Impact but all his thoughts were to return to Koffi. Koffi's band had some internal issues and when Bella found out about this he sensed his dreams would be fullfilled given the chance. However, before he made the decision to leave in return for Koffi, his friend advised him to release another Swahili song after ''Walimwengu si Binadamu" before departing. That is was the source of the his hit song 'Yako Wapi Mapenzi' which was a big hit and this forced Bella to change his decison to return to DRC and instead venture into the music industy in Tanzania.

Currently Bella is the leader of Malaika Band Music based in Mbagala Magenge Ishirini in Dar es Salam which is owned and managed by director Daniel Denga. Malaika Band is made up of very talented and experienced artist like Adaya, Petit Mauzo, Pilu, Mico Bella, Chesco Vuvuzela, Yanick Soslo, Babu Bomba and Kadogoo Machine. Christian is married with a son and the wife resides in Sweden.


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Christian Bella
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