Chamwino Arts Center


The Chamwino Arts Centre (CAC) is an organisation based in Chamwino Ikulu, Tanzania. It began with a vision to strengthen the ngoma of the Wagogo of Central Tanzania. Ngoma is the tradition of creative expression via music, drumming, dance, and storytelling. It transmits history, values, and identity from older generations to younger and has been a valued constant in the lives of the peoples of Tanzania.

CAC was first formed to produce the Tamasha la Muziki wa Cigogo, or the Wagogo Music Festival, in Chamwino Ikulu, Dodoma, Tanzania. It now also exists to promote and empower Tanzanian artists in local, national and international communities to achieve their full potential while facilitating enculturation. We realize this vision through the Tamasha as well as through educational opportunities and international cultural exchange with our partners abroad.

CAC is working towards housing cultural artifacts of different kinds and a multi-media studio as well as being an education center where anyone can come to experience and learn ngoma. A center of this kind will help preserve and promote the multiple ngoma(s) of the people of Tanzania, giving these traditions of expression a place to thrive and grow for generations to come.


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