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Bruk Asgedom, full name Bruk Asgedom Teklu, was born in Lideta neighborhood in Addis. As it is the case with many musicians, his music talent is traced back to his school days. In Zenebe Work school there was a student named Hailu Assefa who was a trained guitar player. He taught Bruk and other students guitar.

Bruk's band leadership also began easily. In 1971 he and his friends cobbled together the first band "Sensation Band" in the school. They used to play in various events such as graduations and student parties.

Later Bruk played in "Stereo club" with the keyboard operator Dereje Mekonen, lead guitarist Meserteab, tenor Saxphonise Teshome Deneke and the drummer Mesfin Elias. It was this group that was behind the fame and glory of such vocalists as Wubshet Fisseha and many others. Bruk worked in the club for about 10 months.

After a time in 'Stereo club" Bruk and his friends formed the "Venus Band" this band brought such singers as Ephrem Tamiru, Tekle Tesfazgi and Ali Birra to the level of glory they achieved. "Venus Band" played in the night club located in the basement room of the building where " Ambassador cinema" is located. The band, besides entertaining music lovers, took part in the productions of EphremTamiru's "Jemaye" album as well as that of other vocalists like Minyahil Tilahun and Wegayehu Degnetu.

Due to the political turmoil that engulfed the country during the military regime, night clubs were closed and the same mishap has befallen on the night club which hosted the "Venus Band"

Bruk never gave up. He, Brahane Moche (the lead guitarist) and other members of the "Venues Band" were given a grant of Birr 100.000 by Ato Abeselom Yihdego (a well known philanthropist) which helped them to regroup and set up the "Olympic Band" Bruk worked in the band as a base guitarist and a band leader. The "Olympic Band" has been affiliated to “Hotel D'Africque" until it finally wind down and its members dispersed

Bruk Asgedom, with another help from Ato Abeselom set up the "Dadimos Band" in 1984 (E.C). The band composed of new musicians now, played for one year in "Blue Nile" hotel which was the branch of “Ras Hotel". Then it moved to the main Ras Hotel in 1985 EC where it accompanied famous veteran singers like Hon. Dr. Tilahun Gerresse, Alemayehu Eshete, Bahta G/Hiot as well as emerging young talents then such as Tsehaye Yohannes, Bezawerk Asfaw, Teshome Wolde and others. The band was in good financial position that it used to pay Tilahun Gessesse Birr 1600.00 for two shows a week.

Bruk is best remembered for setting up and leading "Dadimos Band" among others and for serving a base guitarist.

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Bruk Asgedom
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