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The Ben (real name Benjamin Mugisha), is a Chicago, U.S. based RnB and pop singer from Rwanda. He was born in January 1988 in Kampala-Uganda to Jen Mbonimpa and Esther Mbabazi. He is the second born in a family of six including. He is brother to Green P another artist who is a member of Rwanda’s Tuff Gang music group. The Ben is among the local artists who formed Pressone Entertainment in the US. His passion for music began when he was a teenager. Back then, his parents would take him to church where he ended up as a member of the church choir. His childhood friends Lick Lick, Meddy, and Nicholas were at that time members of that choir. The threesome have also grown to become popular artists in the country.

He later changed to secular music and released songs such as ‘Zoubeda’, ‘Wigenda’ and many others. In 2009, he launched his debut album called ‘Amahirwe Yambere’. This was followed by a hit called ‘Ese Nibyo’. The single was well-received and earned him fame. in 2010, he and other artists left the country following an invite by the Rwandan community living in Washington. Other artists who joined him include Meddy, K8 Kavuyo and Cedru. They have since remained in the U.S. where they are pursuing their music careers.

In 2013, he released another hit dubbed ‘Give It To Me’. The track is a love song which rocked social networks a few days after its release. In 2014, he released ‘I Can See’, a song that was dedicated to the 20th commemoration of 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. In May 2015, he dropped a song after nearly one and half years of silence. The name of the song is ‘Ko Nahidutse’.

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The Ben
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