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Andereya Baguma is an Afro soul/ world musician artist from Uganda. He's journey started at a young age through engaging in music related activities in high school. Inspired by Maurice Kirya, Asa and the late Oliver Mtukudzi, Andereya started writing his own music. He later graduated in 2019 with a bachelors degree of Arts in Music. He has performed on festivals like Pearl Rhythm Festival 2018, Jamafest 2019, Kenya Music festival among others. Performing on stages that other artists like Mitchel Ongaro from Kenya, Aloysius Migadde and Amaru of Uganda have performed on. He is currently working on his first album titled "Andereya" and released his first single "Take My Hand" in 2018. His fusing of African Instruments and the guitar allows him have a unique sound which makes him refer to his music as "Nze" music which literally means "Me" Music.


UGKampala, Uganda
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