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Andereya Baguma is an Afro-fusion/alternative musician from Uganda.

The acoustic guitarist and songwriter started his music journey back in high school through engaging in music related activities. He later picked interest of learning the guitar at the age of 13 and was first taught by home town friend “Israel Guitars”. Driven by passion, Andereya went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Music from Makerere University and graduated in 2019.

Influenced by various characters in the industry like Maurice Kirya, Amaru, Asa and the Late Oliver Mtukudzi, Andereya came up with a unique sound of music which he refers to as “Nze Music” literally meaning “ME” music. He has performed on local and international platforms as Sofar sounds Kampala, Pearl Rhythm, Jamafest 2016, Festival 2017, Kenya Music Festival and performed with bands such as Baxmba Waves Jazz Band and Akadope.

In 2019 he contested and won The Penda Uganda Song Contest worth a grand prize of 10 million Ugandan shillings on the 18th August and a month later, Andereya released his maiden self-titled Album “Andereya” in a concert which gathered a mammoth crowd at the Uganda National Theatre Auditorium on the 18th September.


Gwe Wabireeta _ Andereya Baguma
#AkaanaKange (Acoustic)- Andereya BAguma
#Kahunde - #AndereyaBaguma


Gwe Wabireeta _ Andereya Baguma
#AkaanaKange (Acoustic)- Andereya BAguma
#Kahunde - #AndereyaBaguma
#Zinsanze by #AndereyaBaguma
#Oneminutewonder #ShapeofYou by #Edsheeran
#SonofApresident #Loopversion #AndereyaBaguma
#Local by #AndereyaBaguma ft #JosesEmanzi
#TakeMyHand(original song) by #AndereyaBaguma with #BossRC300
Abemikwano/Dipo Naziggala (#PaulKafeero)-#AndereyaBaguma
Kano Akalulu- Andereya Baguma (official music video)
Kano Akalulu _ Andereya Baguma(Lyrics video)
Sinza nange/Worship with me ep.1 _ #AndereyaBaguma
#Sabasaliza- #FilleBongoleLutaaya(#Loopcover)_ #AndereyaBaguma
Lunaku Lwambaga- #RadioandWeasel( cover) - #AndereyaBaguma
Siliyo Kankomangwa- #JosesArins (Cover by #AndereyaBaguma)
Nkwata Omukono _ Cover by Andereya Baguma
Omwoyo we _ cover by Andereya Baguma
#Tonkabyanga-Andereya Baguma
Andereya @Aka dope Episode 8
#Headmaster -#MauriceKirya _Cover
Take my hand PROMO VIDEO
Are you Ugandan??
Andereya Baguma Wins the 2019 Penda Uganda Song Contest
ANDEREYA BAGUMA Performance of Andereya
Andereya Baguma - Son of A Presidenti
Andereya Baguma at PRF18 mp4 Take My hand
Take My hand Andereya Baguma mp4


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