Akogo Festival


Akogo Festival is an annual music festival that takes place in Uganda. The festival is organised by Akogo Productions, a non-profit entity that creates, records, archives and promotes, authentic music and film from the East African region, while empowering a community of talented Afrocentric artists and street children.

The festival attracts people to celebrate the diversity in the music of the Iteso people from Soroti in the Eastern region of Uganda.

Akogo Festival usually features musicians highlighting music with cultural identity as well as up and coming musicians exploring urban music.


loving least last and lost community
loving least last and lost community
Running away from our past by making others smile..... #lovingleastlastandlostcommunity #cultural
we keep it peacefully......... #peace #peaceofmind #lovingleastlastandlostcommunity
peace #peace #lovingleastlastandlostcommunity
smile activated
In God we trust
Lets spread love worldwide
Be the reason someone believes in good people,
Dance with us,
beats of hope celebrating kings day
Be the reason someone believes in good people,
cultural dance
Every child has right to health, education and protection,
The rights of women and girl worldwide,
loving least last and lost community
See what we experienced after this wonderful tour, #lovingleastlastandlostcommunity
Sharing some of productive skills with our boys #lovingleastlastandlostcommunity
Emali song by the traditional iteso band kumi, Mzee Atude patrick. #sorotiuganda #culture
Papa Emorimor Full speech at the swearing of ICU ministers #teso
@ayrastarrofficial - Sability (Dance Cover) by Beats Of Hope Africa
December 26, 2022
Beats of Hope - ntaba2london_tchiogos_dance
Kizz Daniel,Empire Cough (Dance Video) By Beats Of Hope
cough _ kizz Daniel dance
Iyanya - One Side (Dance Video) by Beats Of Hope
Beats Of Hope - (Freestyle dance video)
Africa Safari Exchange in Zimihc Theater Stefanus
Ayra Starr - Rush (dance video) performed by Beats Of Hope
Mavin, Crayon, Ayra Starr,Ladipoe,Magixx & Boy Spyce - Overloading (Dance Cover) by Beats Of Hope
loving the least and lost community �
June 5, 2022
working on something
Buurten over grenzen, #hku editie "taal Keent geen grenzen" : carme Koetschruitter en Daniel Okiror
March 17, 2022
folk dance
Adiambo dance cover
folk dance
Huis kamer concert 2 , 15 January 2022
Africa Safari the journey 3
Africa Safari.the journey 2
House concert 15 January 2022
Africa Safari,the journey 4th Feb 2022
Kora meets Akogo
Akogo Africa production
January 20, 2022
chokora chokora coming soon �. keep subscribing this YouTube channel
Kora- Amara Diabate-Guinea C
Kora- Amara Diabate-Guinea c
Forced Future -[Wana wa Mola Drama]
Daniel Okiror the band
Daniel Okiror the band
ISRI, Morrocco , performs at our Africa Safari Festival 2019
Vimbai Zimuto of Zimbabwe performs at our Africa Safari Festival Netherlands 2019
BEATSOFHOPE workshops at ZimihcTheatre stefanus during our Africa Safari Festival 2019
About BEATSOFHOPE wanawamola work with street children in Mombasa Kenya
Drama activities at BEATSOFHOPE wanawamola Kenya
Talent development at BEATSOFHOPE wanawamola Kenya
Dance activities at our project in Kenya
Talent open day in our street children home in Mombasa
Thank you partners of Beats of hope
Meet Joseph mulei a former street boy from maboxini Mombasa
Frank met Andrei, in artistiek expressies Nederland 21 March 2019
When the rotary club visits our projects, its happiness
They are not just streetchildren, they are talented young men, look at the dance moves
Africa Safari Festival debut in the Netherlands, Daniel Okiror, we want more
Africa Safari Festival debut in The Netherlands, Daniel Okiror of Uganda
Africa Safari Festival The Netherlands, Daniel Okiror on stage with amagarait alias Egyptian lyre
Giriama music Coalescence @ BEATSOFHOPE talent show Mombasa
BEATSOFHOPE talent show 26th Nov 2018, @ Akogo Africa Mombasa , wanawamola acrobats
Artistic expressions @ Overhoop
Artistic expressions Netherlands
Artistic expressions Netherlands
Artistic expressions Netherlands
Artistic expressions Netherlands
Sounds of Africa, SOROTI Uganda 2017
Sounds of Africa 2017
Sounds of Africa, 2017
Sounds of Africa, Akogo Festival SOROTI 2017
Sounds of Africa, Akogo Festival in SOROTI 2017
Sounds of Africa..serere youthgroup, akogo Festival SOROTI 2017
Street boys of Mombasa transformed into celebrities
Giriama music experiences-(kibunda traditional dancers) , @ BEATSOFHOPE wanawamola talen show Kenya
African story telling, Artistic Expressions Netherlands
Sounds of Africa, Giriama music from Kenyan Coast
Sounds Of Africa Project: Music of The Iteso; Orungo Ora Group- Ikito
Sounds Of Africa Project : Music of The Iteso ; Orungo Ora Group-Ecauni akolong
Sounds of Africa Project: Music of The Iteso - Okude C.O.U Band- Akwap na
Akogo Festival 2017; Ekirakira dance- USUK
Sounds of Africa Project; Music of The Iteso- Okude C.O.U Band-Papa eyalama
Sounds of Africa Project: Music of the Iteso; Okude C.O.U - Chuny wa
Sounds of Africa Project: Music of The Iteso-Abarilela- Einono Iteso
Sounds of Africa Project: Music of The Iteso; Abarilela-Ejokuna aisiom
Sounds Of Africa Project: Music of the Iteso- Abarilela-Amunaun Einono
Akogo Festival ; Teso Cultural performers - Akogo & Etida Dance
Sounds Of Africa Project: Music of The Iteso; Orungo Ora Group -Obolia Jo
Akogo Festival 2017 : Kaberemaido COU Band
Akogo Festival 2017 ; Ajosi Dance
Akogo Festival 2017
Evelyn weds Victor
Ati Sanna
Ololufe Mi by Igwe Joshua aka FNP
Kufa Kuzikana Cont
This is the time by Adusheta
Maisha Ni Magumu by Chupa Moja Official Video
Mapenzi Safari By Mpare- Official Video
Live up by HopeKid
Garissa attack
DK Kwenye Beat live in Mombasa
Mam Ijali Groovy Nyatiti vibe , Daniel Okiror Live @ The Encounter USA
Marema Senegal Vs Daniel Okiror Uganda, an Epic evening with talented artists
Niinue Baba by Elizabeth Ft Judith Official Video
Daniel Okiror Holland
Daniel Okiror
Daniel Okiror- Epol "Big"
Danie Okiror- Ongolia "Please look"
Big big bang.Daniel Okiror Live performance in mombasa
Anaweza by F M P Pure Aroma OFFICIAL HD VIDEO
Daniel Okiror Profile; Legend of Contemporary Afro TESO Music
I will Be There: By Daniel Okiror
My soul Mr Ewaju & Mpare
Straat kinderen in Kenia.Street Children in Kenya; Wana Wa Mola Mission
NDUGU NA DADA : wana wa mola KENYA FT Debenon Okiror
Pure Aroma Presents EMURIA KOLIAI Debenon's latest DVD
EPOL: Debenon Okiror
Edeke ka (My-God) By Daniel Benon, Afro-pop
Shoulder2Shoulder International - Documentary
Eun deugdzame vrouw - delanga - A woman of Virtue! (Official video)
Keep on moving (Official Video)
UGKampala, Uganda
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