3C (real name Celina Nayagam) is one of the talented female rappers from Malawi. She began singing in 2009 with Team Gypsy as Miss Gypsy under Theo Thompson of Matalala Records. She went solo in late November 2012 and re-branded herself as 3C. She was introduced in the music industry by Sean Focus a former member of Team Gypsy. Sean was intrigued by her writing and performance. As a member of Team Gypsy, she managed to record four songs on the 22 track ‘Travelling Project’ album courtesy of Team Gypsy.

After leaving the group, she started recording as 3C and made her debut single ‘Dance Malawi’ which had Canny One's appearance. This was followed with the release of her debut music video ‘The Letter (Remix)’. The music video went viral. It featured local musicians such as Canny One, Cosby, Boy Magic and Gingy. The video was well received prompting her to be recognized by Music Unites Africa. Her second video was released on YouTube.

On 10 October 2014, she released a new single called 'City On Lock' which featured Macky-Two. It was produced by Shom C at Vibrant Media Studio in Zambia.

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Celina Nayagam
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Dance Again - New Single