The English teacher and my mother-in-law. Two-stroke sex

The events I narrate below happened a long time ago. Actually at two different times. From both I keep an indelible memory and a pleasant flavor that every now and then call me to remember them.

For reference I will say that I am married with two children and we live in a house on the outskirts of a big city. The first of the events that I will narrate happened when I was 34 years old and my children were young. The first of the events begins the day that my wife had gone to school with both children to an act that took place in the afternoon and would be delayed.

Having visited a client close to my house, I was lazy to return to the office, so I decided to return home. I entered quietly and was going to my bedroom when, before going through one of the bathrooms with the door open, I heard noises from someone who was humming. When I look out, I see my mother-in-law drying her body completely naked. Here I must make a parenthesis to the narration.

I had always looked at my mother-in-law for what she was. An older lady close to sixty. I had never been struck as a woman until that moment that when I saw her naked I began to see some attributes that she had hidden. I mean a round butt still firm and some saggy tits, but still appealing. She was not fat, far from it, we would say that she was stuffed with an incipient tummy that rounded her figure. She was still beautiful in the face and only a few small wrinkles were visible on her neck. She had natural blonde hair that was tinted with gray, and she had light blue eyes that kept the shine and beauty of yesteryear.

I froze when I saw her and decided to continue spying to see her better. Already dry, I see that he begins to shave his armpits and immediately his pelvis. By doing the latter, she leaves my mature vagina with her big dark lips. To get a better epilation because some unruly hairs had been close to her vagina, she took the epilating clip to remove them. For this he had to open the crotch and it was at that moment that he showed his clam in all its splendor. In addition to plump vaginal lips, a pink vulva and the beginning of her clitoris were glimpsed.

Needless to say, the show that was before me was priceless for the good and because I would never have imagined that it could happen. I was in a state of extreme excitement, I had my club hard member and I wanted to ejaculate. In this situation, and since several minutes had passed since my silent arrival, I retraced my steps, reached the front door, opened it and closed, pretending to arrive, this time making a lot of noise, so that when I returned to my post. observation, the bathroom door was closed.

I quickly went to the bathroom in my room, I undressed and before taking a shower, I took my cock and gave myself a fabulous wank having in my mind the figure of my mother-in-law and her private parts. Once sanitized, I went out to the dining room to meet my mother-in-law Cecilia.

She had come to visit us from her house in the interior of the country just when my wife was leaving with the children for school, so she took advantage, she told me, to take a restorative bath from the fatigue of the trip. Of course, I didn't say anything about my prying eyes and the talk focused on other topics.

Days passed, and the incident seemed to have sunk into memory, until leaving one morning for the office, my wife asked me to give way to my mother-in-law at a nearby doctor. On the trip, the radio talked about a wedding between an older woman, they talked about 62 years, with a young man of 24. Cecilia was scandalized and began to point out that this should be a wedding for convenience, although the announcer had indicated that both were people of economic resources. As he did not change the subject and insisted with his thesis, I felt the need to clarify that sometimes, there could be a couple relationship with age differences, and added that I had had such a beautiful experience at the dawn of my youth .

As you can imagine, Cecilia was left in one piece with the comment and asked me to give her more details about the matter. Unfortunately for her we had already reached the doctor and I had to tell her that I was staying for another opportunity.

The opportunity came one day that my wife went out again with the children and my mother-in-law and I were alone. I confess that I had filed the matter, not so Cecilia that as soon as my wife left, she told me

... The other day you left me with the thorn with that comment about your experience with an older woman. Now that we are alone, can you tell me?

... It is something forgotten and the truth is that I am very shy to tell it so I ask you to forget it.

... Come on man, you will not tell me that you have become pacato at your age. I am an old woman and I can hear anything without being shocked.

… I said no, please. I said I don't want to. This insistence to what comes?

... You know women, we are curious by nature and we cannot cope with genius.

… Well, I said no, please don't insist.

… Damn, am I going to stay with the intrigue?

... Look mother-in-law, I am going to satisfy your unhealthy curiosity so that you do not continue with the subject, but I warn you that I will relate it with all the details and with apricot language that surely you will not like. Then don't come back with grumbling or anything like that, let alone tell your daughter, do we agree?

... Okay, I'll be a grave.

... Get comfortable in this chair because it goes for long. And please without interruption.

The english teacher

I was then 15 years old and studying in the morning. I was a good student and my parents wanted me to deepen the English language because they reasoned, and life gave them reason, that it would be useful to me for my future. They decided to send me to reinforce the school classes with a private teacher who lived two blocks from home.

Going to school in the morning, I had the afternoon free, so at 3:00 p.m. I went to the teacher. This was an English-born lady who came to the country as a child, so she spoke the Saxon language very well. At the time of the lessons I had only one student, me.

This woman Mrs. Alice was married and had no children. Her husband worked full time and came home at night. With the English classes she reinforced the family budget and nuanced her free time. Alice was a tall woman, I calculate a meter seventy-five, thin and with a size 100 tits, which I gladly looked when she bent down.

I must tell you that at that time I was a sexual virgin. All the sex I practiced were masturbations that I did looking at naked women or with underwear in some magazines that circulated among the boys my age. I had never seen a naked woman, not even my mother. That was the reason for my pains to look at Mrs. Alice's boobs and I wasn't careful about it. Needless to say, she was aware of it and as I learned to understand over time, she warmed up as much as I did. So we were lessons comes and goes, when one day I come and find her in a very low-cut shirt that left her breasts almost out in the open.

As you can imagine, I did not attend the lesson and was stunned looking at her breasts. Obviously the teacher noticed my eyes, but she seemed to like it a lot. I suppose his libido was growing until he couldn't take it anymore and he said in a very sweet voice

… Do you like my breasts? I say because you do nothing but look at them. Do you really feel like it?

As you can imagine, I was totally cut off without knowing what to answer. He had been caught red-handed. I answered raggedly

... Yes, lady, I like them a lot, and excuse me, but they are so cute that I couldn't resist looking at them. You know, I've never had them this close to me.

... What a boy and what would you say if I told you that I like to be watched, would you be able to do it and keep the secret between the two of us? I like to be seen and touched and kissed. If you promise that this is between the two of us, will I let you see them?

... Yes Mrs. Alice, I said between amazed and anxious. I will be a grave.

And joining the action to the word, she took off her shirt and left her boobs in the air held by a bodice that was very tight. With his eyes he invited me to unbutton his garment and thus they were totally exposed to my astonished gaze and my desires, a pair of fleshy lemons that I devoured with my eyes.

... Come on, take them in your hands and play with them. I like to be squeezed and pinched by this little button on the tip called the nipple. Cheer up I won't say anything.

Before Alice repeated the invitation I was with a tit in each hand massaging and pinching her nipples while Alice threw her head back and let her first sighs be heard. Instinctively and without receiving any indication, I threw myself into trying to put them in my mouth, something impossible because of their size, so that I was only left with the option of sucking and sucking in the midst of my teacher's gasps. I do not remember how long I was in that action, I only remember that Alice told me at some point in my feast that it was over and we should continue with the classes, while reminding me of our pact of silence. I remember that his face was red and his lips were marked by his teeth. I reckon she would have had an orgasm because of how turned on she was.

I looked at her without knowing what to say, but since she was the one in charge, I pulled back and tried very hard to continue with my class. I remember being left with a brutal erection and my testicles ached.

The classes followed one another without repeating that blowjob session and it seemed that it had been forgotten. I respected my pact of silence, but I expected news about it. And these came for my happiness.

After one of the classes Alice told me to tell my parents that the next one was going to be two hours long because we had to go through many lessons. I remember that it was a Thursday that I arrived at his house. She opened the door for me and greeted me in an almost transparent dress that showed that she had no bodice and only wore a pant. My head turned and I was left in one piece.

... Come on boy, don't make yourself beg that today you are going to have the best lessons of your short life. Did you think that I had forgotten that afternoon that you gave me so much pleasure sucking my breasts? Well, no. This afternoon we will not only have breasts for your pleasure but other places, because I also want mine.

... You will say madam what I should do. - I said hesitantly.

... Well, you're taking off your clothes and you're coming to the bedroom that I'm going to teach you how to make love. Because as it seems to me, you have never debuted in the sex scene.

Sooner than running I took off my clothes, which were not many and I was like my mother brought me into the world. Alice unbuttoned her dress and dropped it to the floor, leaving only her panties. He asked me to take them off slowly and so it was that for the first time in my life I saw a pussy. What a show my gosh! It was presented to me full of pubic hairs as I had seen in photos, only this one had it in front of me. I was fascinated looking at him and not knowing what to do until Alice called me to reality inviting me to go to bed.

What came later was something that even today I keep jealously in my memory, not only because it was my first time but because of the sweetness and dedication that this woman put to initiate me. Of course, she would also be enjoying deflowering a 15-year-old boy, but she did it in a masterful way. Lying next to me first she asked me to repeat my games with her breasts just like the last time. Encouraged with the proposal I gave myself to the task kissing, licking, sucking and biting each one of those tits that for me were the maximum of pleasure. I latched on to her nipples sucking like a baby with the echo of Alice's moans. Today, after so much time has passed, I still get excited with the memory.

So I spent long moments sucking and licking those desired tits, until she stopped me and began to caress my entire body. He started by giving me some kisses of tongue that surprised me although I replied with my own. Then he continued with kisses and caresses all over my chest licking and biting my nipples, to slowly go down to my genital area and take my penis with his hand stroking it gently. He slid down and placed my club-hard cock next to his mouth.

He put all his experience at the service of my cause. He removed my penis very slowly and rested his tongue on the glans, then licked it repeatedly. He continued his task sipping and sucking my manly apparatus with a softness and delicacy that even today amazes me. His tongue ran the length of my member over and over like sipping ice cream. Then he put the ram in his mouth to suck and lick again and again until, as you can imagine, I began to feel the sensations prior to a bullfight, of which I warned but Alice seemed possessed and did not cease with her service. I tried to contain myself but the enjoyment was stronger and in the middle of violent convulsions I unloaded in his mouth all the semen that I thought I had, and that Alice received delightedly sipping and swallowing it.

… Did you like my boy? - He said to me with a voice so tender that even today it resonates in my ears.

... He doesn't know how much pleasure he gave me. This is my first time and that was fabulous, I really had no idea how much you can enjoy with a woman.

... Now let's rest a bit that the lesson is not over yet. There is much more you have to learn, because I imagine you still want more, right?

… Of course I want to, if what is coming is as good as what we did, believe me, I am going to enjoy it very much.

I think the respite will not have lasted even ten minutes and I already felt full again. This was demonstrated by my dick who was upright like a few minutes ago. Alice realized and taking the situation again, she told me.

… Now it's your turn to take the active role. You are willing?

... Of course, tell me what to do and I do it right away.

... You are going to go down to my crotch and when I open them, you are going to play very delicately with your hands, fingers and mouth with my vagina, okay? That is a game that gives us women a lot of pleasure

I did not make myself repeat the instruction. I got down to her pelvic area, I played with her fur for a few minutes because that blonde, short and curly hair caught my attention. Then I spread her legs with my hands and timidly began to put my fingers into her cave. As he had indicated, I did it very slowly and gently as caressing that cavity that was wet and slimy. First it was a finger, and then two others. I put them in and out at a constant rate. My movements echoed the moans of Mrs. Alice who encouraged me with loving phrases. Suddenly, as if responding to a natural order, I approached with my mouth ready to taste her vulva. In my mind I have the memory of the strong sensation that I produced to Alice and myself. Imagine, it was the first time that I had a shell in front of my eyes and mouth, and it did not leave my amazement. However, I found the serenity to launch my mouth to taste the place so often dreamed of. My inexperienced tongue looked for the cavity that was waiting for me and that received me with some juices that I sipped with pleasure. I sucked and licked, I put my tongue inside her sex initiating me in an unprecedented experience. My tongue searched every corner of that cave in an incessant in and out that started soft screams of satisfaction from the teacher. Suddenly, when I was in that task with all my effort, I felt it vibrate and shudder in all its humanity giving deep groans that accompanied a discharge of juices that flooded my mouth. I sucked and licked, I put my tongue inside her sex initiating me in an unprecedented experience. My tongue searched every corner of that cave in an incessant in and out that started soft screams of satisfaction from the teacher. Suddenly, when I was in that task with all my effort, I felt it vibrate and shudder in all its humanity giving deep groans that accompanied a discharge of juices that flooded my mouth. I sucked and licked, I put my tongue inside her sex initiating me in an unprecedented experience. My tongue searched every corner of that cave in an incessant in and out that started soft screams of satisfaction from the teacher. Suddenly, when I was in that task with all my effort, I felt it vibrate and shudder in all its humanity giving deep groans that accompanied a discharge of juices that flooded my mouth.

Due to my inexperience I was not aware of the female finishes. I freaked out and stopped for a moment to act until an imperative voice ordered me

... Don't stop, go on, go on, I'm spilling like I didn't do long ago. Go on my boy, please don't stop.

I didn't stop. I kept giving her tongue and sucking until almost exhausted, she gently pulled me away with her hands and asked me to lie down next to her. I did so and he received me with a deep kiss of the tongue with which he thanked me for the moment I had made him live.

When he caught his breath, he explained to me in great detail what he had experienced. He told me first of his doubts about me and my youth, he told me that my audacity looking at his breasts had unleashed his prejudices and his libido, freeing his desire to have sex with a young man of my age. She also told me about the sensations that she had just experienced and the depth of the orgasm that she had had, after a long time, as she remembered, because her relations with her husband, besides being infrequent, had become something tedious. Those were my first practical sex lessons, although others were still waiting for me.

I felt like a fulfilled man receiving his compliments for the way his pussy had eaten him. As a reward Alice regained her initiative by taking my cock in her hands and slowly and gently jerking me off. I felt that I was reaching the climax again and I manifested it. She interrupted her caresses and asked me to ride on her to penetrate her.

My lack of experience and my nerves played a trick on me because I couldn't hit the vaginal cavity. She reassured me and with an expert hand guided me to the assigned destination that was waiting for the arrival of my cock that slid easily into her wet vagina. What satisfaction when I felt inside her! It was my first time! I couldn't believe it, I seemed to be in paradise.

… Now that you are inside you have to move by pushing and removing your member as many times as you want. The more you do, the more we will enjoy both, because you are well oriented.

With that encouragement I started my in and out slowly first and as I felt Alice enjoying myself, and of course I, too, started to speed up the pace by ramming the delicious cave with my youthful strength. Again and again my cock went in and out of her shell, I felt the desire to say things to her and so I did.

... As I like you mommy, this is formidable, I feel a total pleasure. Tell me that you like it and that you are also enjoying it. I love you Alice, I love you. I had already lost respect and I was protecting her

... Of course I like it and I'm happy enjoying how you take me. Keep it up my boy, keep going I'm going to run again soon.

I continued with my homework. It was out of me. Reaching in and out, I grabbed her hips with both hands to try to penetrate her all the way. I wanted to show him my manhood. Everything went well until I couldn't take it anymore and I said

... I also feel that I'm going to end up inside you, it's coming, I can't help it, ah, ah, ah ...

... Good, a little more and I accompany you my love, I am yours, spill all your milk in my cave. I come, I come

Fortune wanted us to finish both at the same time. As I continued to spill all the semen I had left, I hugged her tight and filled her with kisses that Alice gave me back with an almost maternal tenderness. He took my head in his hands and stroking me he repeated to me over and over.

… My love, how happy you have made me. I love you my boy, I love you. I don't want this moment to ever end. Thank you thank you very much.

He kept talking to me for a long time. The truth is that I do not remember his words because he was plunged into a deep torpor and transported to the clouds. I didn't even know what he called me.

After a few minutes, Alice looked at the clock and announced that we should come back to life because it had been more than two hours since I had arrived and it was time to leave. Before, he showered me with kisses and caresses with the promise of repeating that encounter.

Indeed, that meeting was the first in a long series of sex sessions that we had for almost more than two years and that we had to finish when I finished high school and started college.

However, the memory of those moments lived is permanent. I carry in my retina the shape of her breasts, in my mouth the taste of her vulva and in my nose the unmistakable aroma of her vaginal juices.

My mother in law

My story had been thorough and supported by gestures. I used the vocabulary I would have used to relate it to another man. My mother-in-law Cecilia listened to me without interrupting, closely following my words and gestures. I was feeling a little nervous because she stirred in the chair crossing her legs every so often. Every so often she crossed her arms and tightened her breasts and more than once her hands slipped to her crotch in a spontaneous gesture. There was no doubt that his morbidity had shot up and it was very hot, since when he wanted to say something he had to wet his lips several times because they were parched. When he was finally able to speak, standing up, he told me

… That woman was an abuser and a corrupter of young people. You should have reported her for what she did to you.

… Neither dreaming. Who knows why that woman had warmed up with me as any woman her age could have. Like yourself, mother-in-law!

… What do you say? Are you implying that I would do such a thing?

…And why not? In the end it is about a man and a woman looking for something wonderful that is well done sex. I was always grateful to that lady because she made me debut in an almost loving way and not like most of my friends of that age who debuted with a prostitute who attended them every five minutes without a minimum gesture of kindness or hygiene. I was lucky, and I tell you more, she marked me forever because I have a predilection for women much older than mine. I feel very good with them.-

… You are crazy.

... I don't understand your position. You speak like those women who have not known the benefits of sex and are opposed to everything. I seriously ask you Cecilia and forgive me for the frankness with which I am going to speak to you. Are you being well fucked by your husband?

... But how do you ask me that? You are disrespectful.

... I ask you because your answers are from someone who does not know the passion for sex or is extremely strange. What's more, days ago I saw you when after showering and waxing, you masturbated with a furious intensity that did not stop until you ended in a brutal orgasm. And don't deny it, because I saw you.

... what are you spying on me with? So low have we fallen? Gives you no shame? I'm your mother-in-law, don't forget.

... No, I don't forget. And that's why I ask you, why did you tell me the story of my teacher if not for morbid? What were you looking for Warm up to masturbate? Or perhaps you think that I did not realize the state you were in when you listened to me rapturously, it was not long before you broke your vaginal apparatus. Or are you looking for something else?

He felt the impact of my words and fell silent. He looked me straight in the eye and I understood that it was my moment. I got up and went to meet her, I hugged her tight and started to kiss her very slowly on her neck while whispering in her ear.

... Easy Ceci, I understand what is happening to you. You feel that the years pass and you have not managed to have a satisfaction with your man. Don't be embarrassed because that happens to many women your age. You are still deserving, you just need to propose it and the right man will appear.

... I just don't know what's wrong with me. Sometimes I have the same desires that I had at the age of 15 and my husband is not able to satisfy them. I am also afraid to go looking for him there because if they discover me, so many years of marriage and family tranquility will fall apart. I'm not in that trouble anymore. It is difficult, very difficult to cope when one does not feel fully sexual.

While he was saying this to me I felt that he was sticking more to my body looking for my reaction, which of course he found. I squeezed her hard and made her feel my cock that was already hard as a stone in her crotch. She then began to sigh and sob at the same time. She seemed, worth the comparisons, a young girl about to lose her virginity. On the one hand, desire and on the other, the mandates of society and family.

At this point, I reasoned that there was no return and decided. I took her face with both hands and with my mouth I looked for hers to find us with a kiss of tongue that lasted a few minutes. Then I took her hand and we sat back down on the couch to kiss each other wildly, while our hands sought to unleash passion. I felt a strong squeeze on my cock, as my hands began to play with Cecilia's breasts. I managed to get them out of their confinement and my mouth stuck to them to suck and kiss them. It passed from one to the other permanently. Cecilia unzipped her pants and released the beast that appeared in all its dimensions. He took it with one hand, removing it, then bending down and putting it in his mouth and licking it.

It was then that I invited her to come into her bedroom. I calculated that there were still a couple of hours to go before my wife returned. I took the shelter of leaving the key in the lock to avoid an unwelcome arrival.

Standing next to the bed we hugged each other and began to kiss passionately. Cecilia was totally devoted to passion, she kept kissing me, caressing me and whispering loving words. Hands naturally searched for the desired sites until the cauldron of passion peaked and we began undressing each other.

As I lifted the sweater she was wearing and exposed her white bodice, she took off my shirt. I unbuttoned her skirt, which fell at her feet revealing panties of the same color. Cecilia unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down to my feet. Without wasting a moment, we fell into bed as we got rid of our shoes and stockings.

We hugged and kissed again. I could not detach myself from his mouth since his tongue vibrated in my mouth and he sought the complicity of my tongue for enjoyment. My hands slid to her back and with some effort I managed to unbutton her bra, which once again left me at my mercy a pair of pear-shaped tits topped with stone-hard nipples that demanded my attention.

I started with one of them. Both of my hands held on to that great tit to start a game that started with gentle fingering until I brought it to my mouth to taste it by sucking on it intensely. I found her nipple hard and sucked on it and bit down, pulling deep sighs from Cecilia. I continued the game with the other breast giving it the same attention as its twin.

I went back over his face to kiss him again and then slide all over his body starting at his neck and slowly down his body. I stopped again with her tits, then followed with her stomach, her navel, her pelvis covered by a reduced and shaved mass of hair that I scrubbed on my face, while some assholes slipped between my teeth. I got to his crotch. With both hands I parted her thighs and found myself in front of Cecilia's most precious treasure. A vulva protected by a pair of brown lips that hid other pink interiors and a wet cave of juices that escape from it and that indicated the tremendous state of fever of my mother-in-law.

She was no longer speaking. Only a hint of sighs, moans, and gasps could be heard from her, even though my lips and tongue had not yet begun to work. I put all my effort and experience to eat that shell. The morbidity of being enjoying my mother-in-law and the fever that I was taking pushed me to make her a dish worthy of the best pussies. I started kissing those moist lips, traversing them up and down repeatedly, until my tongue went into action looking for the deepest places in her cave and gloating over the juices that Cecilia, already in the depths of her fever, let out. In my tour of those basses I came to her asshole to lick and prick it several times to the surprise of my mother-in-law who did not expect that caress. I retraced my path. My tongue that knows no fatigue when working a shell of its liking was debated several minutes inside until in search of its most erogenous zones it found the old clitoris of my mother-in-law hidden. It was just touching him a few times so that Cecilia spilled into a violent orgasm that made her shiver while screaming wildly. In his screams he said things like

... You are killing me, I am enjoying like a bitch, give me more. I want you to eat my pussy like a teacher, this is too much, I think I'm fainting with pleasure.

... Now you have to fuck me like you fucked the teacher. I need you to catch me, you know?

... All in good time dear mother-in-law. Everything in time. Now you have to calm down a little, I have a lot for you. Calm down Ceci, calm down.

... I do not give more, do not you realize? I want to feel your cock inside me and fill the milk cave with me.

I couldn't be distracted. The veteran was beside herself, hugging me, kissing me, she took my dick and shook it with such force that it was causing me some pain when I pulled off my leg. He brought it to his mouth and feasted on sucking and licking, while with his hands he made me a beautiful straw that was leading me to delirium. The expected time had come to fuck my veteran mother-in-law.

I laid her on her back, put a pillow under her buttocks to have a better attack position and prepared to penetrate her. My penis was very hard as a few times before, there was no doubt that the morbid accentuated the desire. I spread her legs and placed the tip in her entrance playing with the outer lips and brushing the clitoris. When her moans clamoring for her to strike me seemed enough, I began to slowly push the ram in. Cecilia had her eyes closed, her lips tight and her breathing deep. I felt a certain resistance to penetration and I assumed that despite the fever and spilled juices the old conduit felt surprised after so long. I continued until I felt my testicles collide with his buttocks.

Cecilia's moans went completely out of control. She took me by the hips and pushed me towards her to try to put all my dick in her cave, while she yelled vulgar things that I no longer remember but that warmed me up much more. Received my discharge and as if she had been containing it, she came with another orgasm that lasted several seconds and that left her almost unconscious.

Her state of debauchery was total and I could not detach myself from her, who asked me not to take it off and to continue taking it. She asked me for something that could no longer satisfy her, rather, my phallus was losing its rigidity and little by little it slipped out of her vagina.

... Calm down, calm down. There will be more. Now relax a little. Let's rest for a few minutes and come back. At least I need it.

… I want more, don't leave me with this fever that is killing me.

... Now, now, woman. Turn your back that I want to lie next to you.

I got him to listen to me, although his breathing was ragged denoting that it was difficult for him to return to his normal state. I thought he was awakened by the fury of sex at that age. I decided to go back to my thing. I started with the usual route of going down kissing and sucking, from the neck to the pelvic area. I plunged back into his pussy sucking and licking as I had done minutes before. I was greeted with a deep sigh and words of thanks. I poked my lips and tongue in fury again undermining that corner that I really liked more and more. The tongue replaced my flaccid penis for a while doing its task of entering and leaving the cave repeatedly and causing Cecilia to spill again with another orgasm.

While this was happening, my tool began to come back to life. I made her take it with one hand, inviting her to suck again to achieve a total erection. My mother-in-law took the initiative and satisfied me again with a few sucks of glory. When he was well on the stick, I told him

... Now Cecilia I am going to put it in the rear, you will see how good it is.

... You're crazy, I didn't give my ass to anyone, and I'm not going to start at this age. I do not like. It's disgusting. And they also told me that it hurts a lot and I don't want to have a bad time.

… So you are a virgin of the ortho? What a gift fate has given me. I'm going to enjoy it very much, because I'm not going to forgive you. Also, you wanted to enjoy yourself as the teacher and in that you are going to take advantage of her because she never let me take her out there, and in the way that I am going to take you, I guarantee you total enjoyment and no pain.

With all the delicacy in the world, I put her with her ass towards me starting the operation. Before I went to the bathroom to come back with a cream to help me, which I smeared on his sphincter and on my fingers. I started with one very slowly and watching his reaction. As nothing abnormal happened, I began to move it in a circular way, seeking to dilate the muscle that handles the sphincter. Then there was another and almost immediately the third. Everyone doing the clockwise movement and going in and out. Cecilia's response to all this was a complacent silence and moan of joy. There was no doubt that he liked it.

After a while of finger play, the truth came. I put her facing the bed and asked her to slightly lift her ass, I approached with my phallus in hand and placed it in her entrance. I pressed gently inserting the head into that hole until then virgin. There were no complaints, so I kept going inward smoothly and slowly until not a millimeter was left out. When I felt full inside his eyelet I started pumping, slowly first to get a rhythm later. Now it was I who was losing consciousness and holding on to her hip I tried to go deep, lashing out again and again, until I felt it coming. I told her and she replied that she was also climaxing. I couldn't take it anymore and I spilled what I had left in my testicles. It was a sensational fuck, we both enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

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Little by little, I took it out when my cock was already decaying. I opened her cheeks and I stayed a long time looking at that dilated eyelet that little by little was releasing my semen that was sliding down her legs. So I asked

… How about mother in law? How was it? You like me?

... Wonderful, it did not hurt at all and I honestly enjoyed myself very much. I felt it all inside me and I couldn't believe it. You even made me finish again!

… I had promised you that it would be so and the truth is that it was great to have done the anal hole for you the first time.

... I hope this was not the first and the last, right?

... Of course there will be more, this was the beginning, it is all a matter of finding the opportunity to repeat. I promise you.

Time, eternal tyrant, was already over and my wife was about to return. We decided to dress quickly and wait for his arrival. Meanwhile, Cecilia kept asking me about the teacher. It was evident that history had been fixed and he wanted to compete with it.

There were other opportunities over the course of a couple of years where my mother-in-law continued to enjoy a young dick. And me? Me too, giving me the pleasure of continuing to enjoy a much older woman.