Gemma Solés


Gemma Solés is a Spanish journalist and researcher specializing in sub-Saharan African music and development. Since finishing her MA and post-degree on African studies and development, she has studied urban culture and performing arts in cities such as Nairobi, Kampala, Lilongwe or Kigali. Based mostly in Nairobi, she has traveled throughout Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, Burundi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Malawi, doing research on development, culture, human rights and specifically music.

She has worked for the African Music Archives (Mainz, Germany) and the African Center for Cities (Cape Town). She is a freelance correspondent in East Africa for Planeta Futuro (El País) as well as One World (Netherlands), Ara, Diagonal and Wiriko, the first Spanish platform on African arts and culture.

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