DJ Mieco (born Mustefa Geda) is a DJ from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is also a pharmacist.Earth’s oldest nation. Africa’s only nation never colonized. A young man in the mix. Ethiopia through his eyes is brimming with young nightlight and old-world ways. As he tells it: I am Mustefa Geda a.k.a Dj Mieco made in Ethiopia. I’ve been based in Ethiopia since 1992. At Arsi Negele_230km away from Addis Ababa_ the capital city of ETHIOPIA in the southern part. I was born in a small village called Korchasa. Around Arsi Negele. I’m 27-years-old. A young boy who is a motivated, adaptable, flexible, hard worker. A tough young upcoming boy who wants to represent Ethiopia at any time. I’m a DJ and a pharmacist. I completed my BSC in pharmacy in 2015 from Gondar University. I’ve been working as a Dj for more than 5 years and as a pharmacist for around 4 years. I'm trying to promote Ethiopian Art, music and history at any time. I’m also participating on different social or community issues. I have many social media connections and fans on more than 8 social media platforms who are trying to change themselves and this country. Currently, I’m working as a distribution officer in Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency and an event DJ in my free time or on the weekend. He told us stories of a wild and colorful Ethiopia. The nation breathes the eager vibes of its youth. The movers and the shakers. 20-somethings like DJ Mieco who hold more than one career and love every minute. He told us stories_How they would change the world. They spun their disks to the aroma of the ancient Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Clubs were alive with the old ways and the new ways. “You are welcome to Ethiopian coffee,” Geda told ​New African Living Standard ​ on Friday. “It’s everywhere here. The bars, clubs, and hotels_ everywhere you go you will see it.” The DJ and his friends are advocates of coffee and tourism for this Horn of Africa nation. Little known to the Western world, coffee originated in the wild, in the forests of long ago Kaffa. It is the sacred drink of the Ethiopian people, stretching back before Christianity and even before Islamic involvement. A farmer named by legend Kaldi discovered it when his goats grazed in a coffee cherry patch in the wild. To this day, the same strain of coffee Kaldi found sometimes volunteers deep in the woods and mountains of Ethiopia. The people called it “forest coffee”. Mystics of ancient Ethiopia thought Kaldi had found some witchcraft when he brought back the cherry seeds that given his goats so much energy. As legend has, the mystics tossed the seeds in their fire. As they roasted, the mystics were stunned by the sweet aroma. Even then they knew that there is no plant like this. They poured it over water like tea. The drink became sacred to them. This is how the world got coffee.
I.m Contributing a great role in African and International Music genres
I.m a talented International Disc Jockey who connecting with international listeners on Every my show. As a DJ, I.m a responsible International Dj who engaging with international listeners, queueing up playlists, presenting commercials, performing interviews, taking music requests, and generating interest in the show. I.m also participating on different public events,Concerts and performing on different international stages.
I.m successful as a Disc Jockey, who have a natural charisma, a passion for music, and the ability to connect with people. A top-upcoming Ethiopia based DJ who connects with listeners through engaging talk content and social interaction.
Ma top Responsibilities as a International Dj I.m focusing on are:-
• Reviewing the weekly and daily playlist.
• Ensuring music and commercials are played on schedule.
• Introducing weather, traffic, and news presenters.
• Taking music requests and engaging with listeners.
• Responding to social media interactions on my different social platforms or social medias.
• Presenting on-air competitions.
• Interviewing guests Djs throughout the World by using ZOOM.
• Presenting sponsored live events.
• Mixing and playing music at sponsored events.
• Presenting live on-air advertisements.
Regarding my Skill
• Previous experience as a DJ.
• Excellent verbal communication skills with my audiences
• Knowledge of modern music trends.
• Good presenting skills on different Stages
• Good interpersonal skills with all peoples
• Knowledge of current affairs and world news specially on Music
• Ability to empathize with listeners and entertain peoples

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