Didier MARY


Marketing & Music | Experienced Marketing Communications Manager: Strategy - Innovation - Branding - Digital - iCEO

Music, what else?
In 2003, I started to follow the evolution of the music industry.
In 2005, I did my 1st presentation on this subject while at HEC (French School of Management), highlighting the growing importance of Live music.
In 2009, I launched the "unLabel" project, my vision and ways to offer "(disruptive) and ethical ideas for the every day Music Business", mainly focused on African artists.

Since then, I'm building a global solution to allow bands and musicians outside the mainstream music genres to get access to the new landscape.

* CybearSonic SARL - Sound & Music Design agency; Production ; Publishing
* "unLabel" project (Paris/Cotonou) : Music 2.0 ; Digital Distribution, Coaching, Training...
* Telser SARL (Paris/Cotonou) : Booking, Touring & Festivals management - Focus on World & Jazz

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