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Damian Soul [Singer, Song writer, Composer, guitarist.]
Damian Innocent Mihayo (born 21 September 1987), professionally known as Damian Soul, is a Tanzanian singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist. Born and raised Sinza, Dar es Salaam, Damian is one of the most talented musicians in East Africa, performing a variety of musical styles such as Afro Soul, Afro Jazz, R&B, and Afro-bongo flavour fusion.
Damian has been gracing the East African airwaves with his soulful vocals in hit songs such as Hakuna Matata, Ni Penzi ft. Joh Makini, Tudumishe Ft. G Nako, Kaumba ft. Vanessa Mdee, Data ft. Nikki wa Pili & Quickrocker (Switcher baba), and Fire Fire, be my baby(2022),untouchables ft gnako,(2022)Mapopo ft Nhlonipho (2021)Siri (2019)
His single Ni Penzi ft. Joh Makini was nominated the best R&B song of the year for the 2015 Tanzania Music Awards. Damian was also a finalist in the 2015 Maisha Super Star, an East African wide talent search held in Nairobi, Kenya.
Damian uses his music to spread love and positivity, and to inspire those who listen to him.
Early Life and Education
Damian was born and raised in a family that loved music. His parent’s music collection introduced him to music from different parts of the world and his uncle introduced him to hip hop which inspired Damian to write music. In his childhood neighbourhood, Sinza, a melting pot of different cultures, Damian was exposed to a variety of traditional and modern musical styles that inspired his musical journey.
While in high school at Eagle’s Nest in Kamplala, Uganda, Damian formed Christ Like, a gospel music group that performed every Friday. During his school holidays, Damian served as a lead singer and musical director at the Winners Chapel choir. Being in a gospel choir groomed Damian to be the high calibre vocalist and guitarist that he is today. In 2008, Damien became a Finalist at the Music Crossroads Competition held in Malawi. He was one of the three acts representing Tanzania in the competition. In 2012, he participated in Tusker Project Fame and decided to seriously pursue a career in music.
Damian completed a certificate in music from Music May Day in Dar es Salaam.

Damian entered the music scene in 2011 by releasing his first Single Hakuna Matata, and Taratibu in 2012. In 2012 Damian joined Wakwetu Jazz Vibes as the band’s lead singer and guitarist. The band included Bariki Mbaga, John Mbaga, Emmanuel Mwalafyale, Leonard Oscar and Kevin Tarimo, who founded and managed the band. Wakwetu’s sound was a fusion of jazz, soul, R&B and Tanzanian traditional music. With Wakwetu, Damian performed in various international festivals such as Jahazi Jazz Festival, Zanzibar International Film Festival, and Sauti za Busara. Damian and Wakwetu performed alongside prominent musicians such as Maya Azucena, Keri Chryst, Moussa Diallo, Carl Winther, Jam Hunters, Jacob Dinesen and Fid Q.
Both Hakuna Matata and Taratibu were frequently featured in Wakwetu performances. Hakuna Matata became a crowd favourite and it is to date considered a cult classic among live music lovers in Tanzania.
Damian resumed his solo career in 2014, realising his third single Dua la Kuku ft. Banana Zoro. However, it was his fourth single, Ni Penzi, which featured Joh Makini that propelled him to the national stage, earning him the nomination for the best R&B song of the year in the Tanzania Music Awards. Since then, Damian has released a number of hit songs such as Dua la Kuku, featuring Banana Zoro, Baraka featuring Joh Makini, Tudumishe featuring G Nako, Kaumba featuring Vanessa Mdee, Data featuring Nikki wa Pili and Quickrocker (switcher baba), Hakika featuring Melissa John, Watoto Wetu featuring Save the Children, Asante featuring Barnaba and Fire Fire.
In 2015, Damian participated in Maisha Super Star, an East African reality talent show held in Nairobi, where top talents from East Africa competed and six artists we selected from hundreds of applicants. Mentored by one of Tanzania’s iconic rapper and a top bongo flavour artist, A.Y., Damian emerged one of the top finalists in the competition representing Tanzania.
As a solo artist, Damian has continued to perform in international music festivals such as Karibu Music Festival, Zanzibar International Film Festival, Jambo Festival, Marahaba Swahili Festival, and Sauti za Busara. In January 2019, Damian released Asante, his first EP, in collaboration with Barnaba, another talented Tanzanian musician.

Asante (January 2019) in collaboration with Barnaba
Hakuna Matata (2011)
Taratibu (2012)
Dua la kuku ft. Banana Zoro (2014)
Ni Penzi ft. Joh Makini (2014)
Baraka ft. Joh Makini (2015)
Tudumishe ft. G Nako (2015)
Kaumba ft. Vanessa Mdee (2016)
Watoto Wetu ft. Save the Children (2016)
Data ft. Nikki wa Pili and Quickrocker (Switcher baba) (2018)
Hakika ft. Melissa John (2019)
Asante ft. Barnaba (2019)
Fire Fire (2019)

Damian is largely involved in social and community development initiatives, using his music to inspire change. He has worked with Save the Children to raise awareness about child abuse and promote the protection of children within Tanzania. This included realising Watoto Wetu and performing it in various community initiatives.

Awards and Nominations
Tanzania Music Awards https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanzania_Music_Awards (Also Known as Kili Music Awards)
2015 Best R&B song of the year (Nominated).
2015 Maisha Super Star Finalist.

Concerts and International Festivals
Damian has performed in various renowned international music festivals such as:
Sauti za Busara (2013, 2019)
Jahazi Jazz Festival (2012, 2015)
ZIFF (Zanzibar International Film Festival) (2012, 2015, 2017)
Karibu Music Festival (2015)
Jambo Festival (
Marahaba Music Festival (


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