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Born in Athlone in Cape Town, Jonathan Butler emerged has a child star in the 1970s. In time he developed his own jazz-influenced style of guitar playing, for a time as part of soul band Pacific Express. He left the country in the mid-80s to join expat Clive Calder's Jive/Zomba stable. He remained in the UK for many years before moving to the USA. His debut international album 'Introducing Jonathan Butler' reached 101 on US Hot 200 albums in May 1986. It was followed up a self-titled double album, which spent 33 weeks in the American charts, selling over 500 000 copies. Two tracks from the album, ‘Lies’ and ‘Going Home’, were nominated for Grammies in 1988. The album was followed by 'More Than Friends', which also made it onto US and Swedish charts. International stars like Al Jarreau, Billy Ocean, George Benson and Millie Jackson have recorded his compositions.

More recently Butler has focused more on gospel, earning him even more fans. He continues to tour the world, performing regularly in South Africa. His albums include 'Heal Our Land' (1990), 'Head To Head' (1994), 'The Source' (2000), 'Worship Project' (2004), 'Brand New Day' (2007), 'So Strong' (2010) and 'Living My Dream' (2014).


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03 - Make Room For Me
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01 - So Strong


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