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Ras Nebyu is an MC born and raised in Uptown Washington, DC, to an African American mother and an Ethiopian father. Exposed to Roots Reggae at a very early age, listening to everything from Peter Tosh to Culture, Nebyu’s love for music quickly became an infatuation. Shortly after Nebyu started to write lyrics of his own, the older he grew the more his music reflected his Rastafarian/Pan-Africanist upbringing.

With his influences ranging from a wide variety of MCs from Nas to Gucci Mane, Ras Nebyu manages to bridge the gap between socially conscious content and leisure listening without compromising his lyrics. He is the self proclaimed "starting point guard of the Washington Slizzards", a group of young talented individuals who are involved in several creative endeavors from music to clothing.

With two music videos (Capital of Hate and Washington Slizzards) under his belt, Nebyu is preparing to release his 2nd EP "Babylon’s Most Wanted". This EP is a collection of songs dealing with life for a young black male in Washington, DC from the perspective of an Uptown Ethiopian Rasta.


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Ras Nebyu
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