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Temesgen Tafesse was born in Ethiopia, in the town of Kemissie, on july 11th 1988. He was the sixth born in the family. He joined elementary school, preparatory school and high school in Kemissie.

He started music at an early age, first performing professionally in 8th grade, where he had his first amateur club performances. In 2010 Temesgen received his bachelor degree in education, specializing in health and physical education. This was also the time when Temesgen decided to become a professional artist. He joined the Ethiopian Idol competition and won.

Shortly after the Ethiopian Idol competition, Temesgen had his first single ready for his fans. “Yerm enjara” was well received by the audience, later followed by “Atmeri” and “Temeleshi” In 2014 his debut album released.

Temesgen creates his music through his experience, with a piece of his heart in every tune. The music is mainly in his own mother tongue, Amharic, but made for anyone to listen to. It is the originality of well-known genres such as pop, soul and sing-a-song; combined with Temesgen’s own twists and personal touch in every beat. Temesgen has stories to tell, and feelings for you to discover; and he invites any listener to take a journey with him.


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Temesgen Tafesse
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Temesgen Tafesse
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