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As a freelance journalist, consultant and project manager, I have been a music activist for over 20 years. I currently work for the Swiss daily newspaper Le Temps and co-leads, with Cameroonian artist Blick Bassy, the Show-me platform, dedicated to supporting and promoting French-speaking African artists in the development of their international career. Each year, four candidates are selected and put in touch with established artists from various backgrounds. Together, they co-create a show that will then be presented on different stages in France and Switzerland.

Before that, I was the co-founder and managing editor of the music magazine Vibrations, initiated and directed the project www.swissvibes.org (2011-2016) and accompanied several Swiss and foreign artists in the development of their careers before being hired as consultant and project manager in Mali for the Aga Khan Music Initiative (2013-2017).


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Teaser Show-me, le rdv innovant des artistes DIY en solo et en duo


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