B-winzo, real name Houssou Charbel was born December 17th, in Cotonou, Benin Republic. rapper - singer in English and in his native tongue, he took his first steps in the rap group in 2005 with the Majestic and later in 2006 he appears solo on a compilation entitled "Tour de garde" alongside rappers like Ishaq nevada volcano and papy yann. it was in June 2007 he formed the BOSSCOAST crew with Meneuroz (with whom he began his early writings) DUC, and XInoss LYF. in order to make himself known by his peers and fans he released July 3, 2011 a solo mixtape titled Better Late Than Never, a tape on which you will find diatribe, LYF, DUKE, Meneuroz, AYS, ERIC, NICOTEEN, CYANOGEN . a mixtape that makes its small way now heavily influenced by Séveral artists from differents styles, he developed a very varied writing because as it can be found on his tracks he has not a fixed style.


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Traditional Vision Freestyle (Vidéo Lyrics)
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B-winzo ft Diatribe - Coz We Love this
B-winzo - 445
B-winzo ft Frd, Meno, AYS - Hustle all the time


Traditional Vision Freestyle (Vidéo Lyrics)
B-winzo ft Diatribe - Coz We Love this
B-winzo ft Meno, Lyf, Duc - Evolution
B-winzo ft Nicoteen, Cyanogène, AYS - I'm feeling pain
B-winzo - Haterz on my way
B-winzo ft Frd, Meno, AYS - Hustle all the time
B-winzo - no more
B-winzo - sô kpon dévo ( remix black & yellow)
B-winzo ft Meno, Lyf - That's the way it is
B-winzo - 445
B-winzo ft Éric - Vi Dagbé
B-Winzo ft Bernice - La Musica ( vidéo officielle)
Dossou Chaterain - Wa yi mi
Dossou Chaterain - GIGO
Dossou Chaterain - nayé tché
BJCotonou, Benin
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