Nostos is a South African Pop maverick renown for his distinct sound. Nostos an Independent singer-songwriter and producer is licensed under Sentric Music Rights Organization. Hi
s first language is Music but he is also fluent in English, Sepedi, Zulu and other South African languages. His songs reflects a peregrine of life shared by so many on the continent of Africa and young people but few are able to express their experiences in way that captures so universally and directly. Orphaned at an early age finished high school and headed for Pretoria in 2005 with the sole purpose of pursuing employment but later in 2008 left his work at Value Logistics to pursue a professional music career in the music industry managing artists and organizing events under as the co-patner at Jimbro Music Productions. It was a new world for a young City boy having to learn the ins and outs of the industry in a very short space of time.
Despite the challenges managed to survive earning from event organizing and artist bookings for his artists. In the two jobs he worked his way to be the ambassador of children education through a Non-Profit Organization Mission World Christian Foundation helping the organization getting funds to support the vulnerable children. He later left all those jobs in 2013 and pursued his passion to become a musician and got in Pretoria music scene linking up with local musicians, music makers and making a name for himself in 2014 and 2015. In August 2015 Nostos survived multiple gun shots after rescuing a girl child who was being rapped and he is living with a bullet near his heart, because Nostos believes in a society that is safe for women and children and everyone that lives in it. Nostos released his EP in 2016 February the EP that which he worked on with his his two friends Soulman and VB-Force and Featured Ishmael on his track "Miami Nights". Elastos's "Falling Hard" track a number one airplay in Europe and UK and got more than 147000 airplays in the BBC radio stations and online downloads after its release.
Venerated for his idiosyncratic musicality and fluid vocals, Nostos is recognized across the continents with four tours under his belt including US, UK, Argentina, and the Caribbean Islands of St Lucia.
The name Nostos is now synonymous with the new Pop sounds moulded in Africa.
Spearheading in Africa singer and songwriter Nostos, is set to take the world by storm with a growing fan-base already in UK, US, France, Portugal, and South Africa. Nostos is a keen philanthropist, he is an ambassador for Nostos Foundation, and also a humanitarian, a United Refugee Agency ambassador advocating for refugee rights.

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Lucky Dube, The Script, Nelly Futado, Florida Georgia, and T.I

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Freshlyground, T.I, Usher, Mobi Dixon, Eminem, The Script, Florida Georgia, Nelly, Adele, AKA.

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Music, Love and Humanity....


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New single to be released early January 2019


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