Bab L 'Bluz


Bab L' Bluz ( literally "The gate to the Blues") isa Franco-Moroccan band created in 2018 in Marrakech. It is a Moroccan Psychedelic Rockband inspired by Gnawa and Hassani traditions, combining Rock, current music & Moroccan popular music. Bab L' Bluz was born following the meeting of the Moroccan singer-guitarist Yousra Mansour and the French guitarist/producer Brice Bottin in Marrakech in early 2017. Both passionate about Gnawa music, they decide to learn together the guembri. Mid 2017, they compose a new repertoire of 10 tracks of powerful and current music, while respecting the analog universe of the 60's &70's. They want to mix their influences tastefully, and want to be labeled as a Moroccan Psychedelic rock band.Mid 2018, they are joined by friends and musicians from Lyon Jérôme Bartholomé and Hafid Zouaoui. They will do their first live concert on Radio Nova.

The group performs in international festivals such as: Arabesque, L'Boulevard, RockAm Bach, Le Péristyle, the Opera Underground of Lyon, ARTE concerts...and released their first album Nayda! in June 2020 on Real World Records. The release of Nayda! was positively acclaimed by critics: Mojo (Top 10 world Albumof the year), Songlines Best albums of 2020, The NewYork Times, Vogue Arabia, BBC, Le Monde, Financial Time, Pan African Music, Uncut, Radio Nova...

In 2021, Bab L' Bluz won the Songlines Music Awards in the category Fusion.


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Bab L'Bluz
Ila Mata


MAMarrakesh, Morocco
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Yousra Mansour
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