Djam (born Ahmed Djamil Ghouli) is a singer, songwriter and composer from Algeria.

His first solo album '#Zdeldel' was released in November 2018, and featured 16 songs, which he self-produced. Djamil’s career has been filled with highlights of different style of music, however the biggest influences in this album are African and Reggae music. The album is a three-year project, in which he had various collaborations with many talented artists from differents backgrounds, who enriched him with their talents.

Born in 1985 in Algiers (Algeria), he started music at the age of 14. In 2004, at the occasion of the annual show at his university, he improvised a few Gnawa standards and an original composition that was a great hit with the audience. The response he received pushed him to create his group, later known as Djmawi Africa.

The group quickly experienced a prompt success with the youth that fell particularly in love with the charisma and generous performance of the lead vocalist, Djamil. Subsequently, a strong bond started to build between him and the audience throughout all these years. The first album of Djmawi Africa called 'Mama' is recorded in 2007 at Canal 93 in the suburb of Paris. The album held the #1 spot of sales in Algeria for a period of two years. The release was not just a commercial success, it was critically acclaimed.

With a mind full of dreams, Djamil explores the different worlds of music; he is particularly fond of the African sounds that he delectably consumes abundantly. This fusion culminates in the release in 2013 of Djmawi Africa’s sophmore album called “Avancez l’arrière”, for the most part written, composed and arranged by Djamil.

Since 2015, Djamil has been living in France to finish his master in Musicology at the University of Paris VIII. He decided to put an end to his participation in the Djmawi Africa Adventure to concentrate fully on his solo project: DJAM.


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