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Andy Jémea is an Afrobeats singer, guitarist and songwriter from Cameroon.

He officially started his musical career in 2012 with his breakout album 'Jemea'. The album shows us the full extent of the King's creativity and originality, creating his style: the "JemBlu", the urbanisation of traditional rhythms that he masters.

Following the release of his debut album, Andy's notoriety is indisputable. The maestro then gives us new melodies. His musical recipe? A mixture of Afrobeat, RnB, Makossa. When the "JemBlu" takes you, you start dancing following the rhythm of the sound productions of King Jémea. Music lovers love it and want more.

Among these, we can count the very famous Charlotte Dipanda, who after having been seduced by "MAGGIE", invites her on her national tour the "Campus tour" in 2015. Andy continues this momentum and realizes a mini European tour of 5 dates.
The winner of the "Balafon Awards" is a character who arouses admiration and respect wherever he goes; this strong personality, partly forged from an unusual simplicity, earned him a lot of friends. He draws his inspiration from his experience as well as from the daily lives of the men and women around him… this explains the authenticity, purity, softness and sagacity of his texts.

The King Jémea's career is dotted with numerous collaborations with contemporary artists such as Francko, Dino Flo, Lisa Epoi, Stanley Enow or even the big brother Boudor. In 2019 he struck hard by participating in the “Adna” project, bringing together Roger Samning (group X MALEYA), Final D (group Bantou Po Si) and Armand Biyag. This project is a call for peace, fraternity and good living together - so dear to Cameroon - but unfortunately very shaken in recent years. This project had a positive response with the Cameroonian populations, so much so that it led the 4 sons of the fatherland to tour around ten European countries.

On May 25, 2020, Andy participates -in the midst of the biggest names in the Pan-African musical and artistic scene- in WAN (Worldwide African Network), the first 24-hour online digital show aimed at raising awareness of the risks of COVID infection, to initiate a collective reflection on Africa emerging from the crisis, and to support actors in the construction of this new Africa: united and innovative

Andy plays the proximity card with his fans. The guy shares his daily life with his audience. Love is at the center of exchanges because it feels close to them. Feel free to follow him on his different Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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Andy Jemea - I Wanna Be A Star
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KWIN'A SABBA - Sortie Officielle Radio


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