Sagiya International Jazz Day Festival

Project:                SAGIYA International Jazz Day Festival 2022

Theme:                The Battle of Afro Guitars
Phase 1:               Media Launch – BAT Centre – 30 March

Phase 2:               Opening Plenary – Durban ICC – 30 April (Morning session)

Phase 3:               Jazz Seminar – Durban ICC – 30 April (Midday Session)

Phase 4:               Red Capet and Gala Jazz Festival – Durban ICC – 30 April (Evening Session)

Phase 1, 2 and 3 will be dedicated to Sponsors, International Delegates, Record Labels, etc. The panel discussion members will include but not limited to SA professional and developing musicians that are keen to learn about 4IR technology in music distribution and monetization. Facilitators for Jazz Seminar will include the founders and executive directors of the major national and international music distributers, such as RiverbNation, TuneCore, SongCast, as well as Digital Store sales managers, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Nepstar, MTN, VODACOM, TELKOM, etc. Music royalties collecting agencies will be part of the seminar, such as SAMRO, CAPASSO, RISA, RAV, AIRCO, SAMPRA, etc.

Phase 4 will have a corporate set up, which will be a combination of Gala Dinner Round Tables for VIP/VVIP and Auditorium for general audience will be open to the corporate and general public. Line up to be confirmed soon.