Prime Circle - COVID Secret Sessions

This is a new world we work and perform in that is actually quite daunting BUT the most exciting opportunities arise in times like these. So that is why we are now performing to our 200k fans globally online. This means that ANYTHING is possible. We are planning to produce a show that was only imaginable a few months ago, moving sets, international guest artists, flames, explosions you name it BUT the crazier the show the more we need fans to support us putting on this monster of show. We will be going underground with our marketing (and this is very important) if you are a fan of ours expect strange links popping up on our socials . The Band can only bring our A+ game to the party but our fans can make us crash servers worldwide. We need every fan to buy a ticket and beside the world class show we will produce we will also set a record globally for the most tickets sold for a livestream rock concert! Now we can celebrate that we will not be held down by a pandemic but rise to the call and crash servers worldwide - We know we can do it - Are you in!?

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