Farai Matake Virtual Concert

Farai Matake is one of the 62 musicians awarded in this year's Concerts SA Digital Mobilty Fund grant, which is aimed in supporting live music in South Africa and to encourage ongoing movement in the music scene during these unprecedented times of Covid-19. The show consists of a 4 piece band with great artists in their respective musical instruments namely, Mbira, Chipendani, Marimba, Djembe, lead and bass Guitar and very catchy African Voices in Ewe and Shona languages.

The Band members are:

Farai Machingambi (Farai Matake) - Vocals, Mbira, Marimba, Chipendani and Guitar (Zimbabwe)

Yao G Agbodohu - Percusions and vocals ( Ghana)

Karo Ndoite - Lead Guitar (Congo)

Gally Ngoveni - Bass Guitar (South Africa)