Nilotika community drum circle hosted by Nilotika Cultural Ensemble ensemble started in 2012,, where people come together to play a variety of indigenous drums and percusion instruments,(community engagement) building rythms together. Everyone is welcome  to join in the rythm with any other instrument of choice around him/her apart from the drums , this can be "caps, plates, spoons, buckets, forks,jerrycans and more metallic objects to produce different sounds from the drums regardless musical expertise. Guided by a drum facilitator, drum circle  participants are able to express themselves  through drumming, connect with others,and  get involved in collaborative and spontaneous creation of music
Through building a Drumcircle community in East Africa,  Nilotika CulturalEnsemble hopes to re-introduce the ancient and healing art of drumming into the lives of ordinary people. we believe that everyone is able to receive the nemerous psychological benefits of group drumming, and we would all be a happier, more creative and connected society with a little more rhythm in our lives
Drums are among the Earth's oldest and most universal musical instruments, with a basic design that has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. Every culture has a history of drums and group drumming. The oldest documented drums date back to 6,000 B.C and we have been found in Neolithic or New Stone Age' period archeological excavations, cross the middle East and north Africa
For thousands of years, group drumming has been a part of almost every global culture, used for commemoration at marriage, coming of age, royal and spiritual ceremonies, as well as form of entertainment, and as a basic form of communication Even animals , such as primates are  known to drum objects in a rhythmic way to show social dominance. studies on primates have shown that druming is processed in a similar way in their brains to vocalizations suggesting an evolutionary origin to drumming as part of social communication
Drumming has developed over millennia to be a powerful art form, and commonly viewed as the rooit of backbone of music.Drum circles are increasing in popularity as a form of meditation, team building and alternative therapy for anumber of diseases  Hand drums are especially used in musica therapy, because of their tactile nature and easy use by a wide variety of people