Ade Live in #TheStoriesUntold Stand-Up Poetry

"If you want to understand me
You have to get to know me
If you wanna know me
You have to know my history
So let me tell you my story.
because see...
Poetry, Music, Art are chunks of immense Freedom.
That’s why the first victim of every oppression is Art.
They cage Art because this way they cage Freedom.
With Art
We unleash

The Stories Untold is a one man show by Ade where he will be unleashing the stories the world ignores. He will literally be doing 1 and ahalf hours on stage i.e 22poems..

You can book your tickets now at only 1000ssp, call 0925813016 and get your ticket before the show!
Limited to only 100people so be part of history #TheStoriesUntold #StandUpPoetry #30thSept #JebelLodge