Zkhiphani.com is an online social lifestyle magazine that targets the South African youth. The term 'zkhiphani' is loosely translated as 'what’s happening', a phrase is used by many people of all ages and tribes across South Africa, more especially black youth when seeking information such as news and the latest social happenings. Initially online only, in March 2014 Zkhiphani launched a glossy print edition.

Zkhiphani has become one of South Africa’s most popular youth social lifestyle and entertainment online magazines with over 100 000 hits a week. Written in English, the publication is filled with diverse youth interests without ever narrowing them down to just entertainment. The publication explores issues ranging from the influences of a new South African democracy and its reformed ideologies to the politics of fashion and the aesthetic of youth struggles. Zkhiphani is an expression and a validation of a way of life - the way black South African youth dress, talk and express themselves within the different social subcultures. It captures their true essence and defines their true identity. It is a platform where both township and urban culture find common ground.


ZAJohannesburg, South Africa
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Andile Mathobela
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