Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA)


The Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) are Zimbabwe’s premier music awards ceremony recognizing accomplishments in the recording and performing industry. The awards honour musical excellence and creativity, providing a high-profile and multi-faceted celebration of the rich cultural diversity of Zimbabwean music. ZIMA was launched in 2003 after the realization that the music industry lacked an appropriate platform to honour its outstanding performers. Existing awards ceremonies only gave limited attention to the industry but did not represent it in its entirety. From the very first ceremony in 2003, ZIMA became an immediate hit with Zimbabweans because of the high quality of entertainment it offered, as well as the fairness and transparency of the judging process.

ZIMA is on a mission to take Zimbabwean music to the next level through various developmental programmes bringing transformation to the music fraternity. Beyond recognizing the accomplishments of Zimbabwean musicians, ZIMA will create platforms for the development of artists, through various activities and partnerships, so that ultimately they become competitive on international markets. It is important to impart musicians with knowledge on how to package their talent into a product that is world class by properly managing their production, marketing, public relations and finances. ZIMA thus aims to bring respectability and sustainability to Zimbabwe's music industry.

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