Zimbabwe-German Society (ZGS)


Established in 1983, the Zimbabwe-German Society (ZGS) is a non profit making organisation whose mission is to foster mutual knowledge and understanding between the people of Zimbabwe and the people of Germany, as well as any other interested person.
The Society accomplishes this task by promoting and supporting upcoming cultural activities to create a bigger cultural identity and supporting Zimbabwean artists and the cultural scene in Zimbabwe through providing them with a platform for career development. In 1996 the Society announced its inclusion into the Goethe-Institut family and since then is officially called the Goethe-Zentrum Harare / Zimbabwe-German Society (GZH/ZGS).

In 2009 the German Development Service decided to take the GZH/ZGS as one of their project partners and the new cooperation was born. This is one of two cooperation projects world wide, where the Goethe-Institut and the German Development Service come together in cooperation.

ZWHarare, Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe Germany Society
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