Zan Ubuntu


Zan Ubuntu is a fresh and exciting group of young and multi-talented artists, embracing different performing arts. The group specialise in music, singing, traditional and modern dance, capoeira and theatre. The group’s name signifies Zanzibar Ubuntu, from the African philosophy meaning “I AM because YOU ARE”. Their values are integrity, diversity, curiosity, excellence, compassion and humility.
Zan Ubuntu’s mission is to offer a platform for aspiring artists to showcase locally and internationally, to develop themselves and others through building a network of artists who support one another, solve issues of unemployment and bring about positive changes.
Zan Ubuntu's performances are exciting to watch due to the singing, arrangement and playing of the music, as well as that every time they go on stage their show is new and different.
The songs performed by Zan Ubuntu promote positive change for society, stressing the importance of peace unity and solidarity.

Zan Ubuntu have contributed to the evolution of Zanzibar musical traditions by creating unique and innovative sounds that incorporate a wide range of rhythms and styles, including Taarab, Capoeira and different traditional dances. Their music has inspired artistic change and helped to widen the landscape of Zanzibar’s cultural heritage.


TZZanzibar, Tanzania
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Kevin Mpangala a.k.a Sam Groove

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